Achieving Financial Abundance -  A Free Spirit's Guide To Thriving

Freedom comes from within - the bridge to financial abundance is connecting to your soul

Financial abundance is something that everyone aspires to - even free spirits.  The trouble is that often the idea of managing money sounds so boring - but it's necessary if you want to avoid what many free spirits experience - living in constant survival mode instead of thriving.

One of the most important values to anyone who is genuinely a free spirit is freedom.  But if money is a constant worry, or if you're always being held back because of lack of finances, you will never experience true freedom.

The good news is, even though financial abundance is partly about looking after your money - it's not all about budgets and number crunching.

True Financial Freedom

Align Your Life With Ease

Becoming Debt Free

In fact it's just as much about how you relate to money and how you feel about it.

This is outlined by what I call the four pillars of money.

Financial Abundance Through The Four Pillars Of Money

The best way to achieve real change is to create a balance between these four pillars:

  1. The practical pillar of money – using, managing and understanding money in the world today
  2. The value pillar of money - understanding what value will money bring to your life - what will it allow you to do
  3. The inner pillar of money – our beliefs and unconscious understandings about money
  4. The spiritual pillar of money – how money is part of our consciousness… and the importance of healing our money stories because of that.

The first pillar is the practical pillar - Managing your money on a practical level is the first step to financial abundance.

This allows you to clear your mind of the worry and fear that your current situation may be causing, or at the very least the lack of clarity around what your situation actually is.  This way you achieve more balance - and that's an essential step in the right direction.

The second pillar is the value pillar - what value will money bring to your life? 

Often we think of money in terms of how much we want.  But a far more powerful way is to understand what value it will bring to us - what is it that we truly want in our life that money can help us have or do.  Then, instead of chasing money, you're building a life vision and money becomes the tool to help you do that.

The third is the inner pillar - how do you feel and act around money?

Your beliefs control your behaviors and govern how you react to the experiences you have.  You develop your habits from repeated behaviors. 

So if you have some stinkin’ thinkin’ around money, beliefs that don't support your quest for financial freedom, then there's a good chance that unconsciously you're engaging in behaviors that are sabotaging your success.

And finally the spiritual pillar - your spiritual connection to money...

Most of us see money as outside of us, something we have no control over.  Sometimes we see it as a 'necessary evil'.  But actually, money is only the tool, and how we use it is deeply connected to us and who we are on a spiritual level too.  So it's important to recognise the connection between all of ourselves and money.

As soon as we see it as something 'out there' that we have no influence over or connection with, we see it as separate from us.  But in reality it's not.  Our money and money in general, is intrinsically linked to our consciousness, and, just like anything else in our life, how we use it and feel about it has an impact on our experience of it.

So where to start and what to do??

Below is a simple guide to financial abundance based on the above 4 pillars.

This guide will not only give you clarity around how your money is being used, but you'll also start to uncover the hidden thoughts and actions that have shaped your money story up till now, which in turn will set you on the road to financial abundance.

Your Guide To Financial Abundance

OK, so let's get to it!

Each 'pillar' can include a number of different actions - depending on your situation some may not be necessary, so only do what resonates and leave the rest. 

Remember, this is your journey, so if you feel you need to work in a different order, always follow your own intuition.

The first pillar – you must have clarity on your situation right now.

To allow financial abundance into your life, you have to clear the energy around any worries you have about money before you can focus on improving your circumstances. 

So first you must face your situation and then do what needs to be done to deal with it.  This is the practical step, and entails doing things like:

The second pillar is – you must get in touch with what really lights you up.

Once you've cleared your mind of any concerns or lack of clarity around your current state of affairs, it’s time to have some fun.  You'll want to:

  • create a vision of what it is you really want from life,
  • then set some goals to guide you there.
  • It may help you to get clear on your values if you struggle to pinpoint what it is you really want

The third pillar is - understanding how you relate to money and what you've made money mean.

In this step you start to uncover exactly how you've interpreted money.  You've piled all sorts of meanings onto it, and you've developed your own specific behaviours around money too.  In order to create any lasting change to your money story, this step is imperative.

At this point you will also probably uncover some fear - both around money and around change, which is always uncomfortable for us, even when we initiate it.  So take note of the advice below if you feel those little fear thoughts creeping in.

The fourth pillar is – incorporating money into your spiritual path.

Simply by seeing there is no separation and remembering that money is energy and it is a method of expression in the world, you realise that in the right hands it spreads love and joy which leads to true financial abundance.

This is the REAL work….   Connecting to your soul vision and finding out what it is you really want for your life, following  your heart and using money as a tool to help you do that.  When you focus on your life and having uplifting experiences, money just becomes a tool that helps you to do what you want out in the world.

In order to connect with money from a spiritual level, choose from some of the tools outlined in this section, for example:

Remember to keep it simple though!

If there is something specific you’re looking for that you can't find, or if it’s something you want to ask me about, get in touch using the contact form… I answer all the questions my readers send me.

If you find you're getting stuck, or you’re getting overwhelmed, consider having a clarity session with me to set you up on the right track.

Some Advice To Bear In Mind...

As you work through this, keep these points in mind:

Keep it simple - Don’t try to do everything at once. 

Be open to change - Starting where you are now means you may have a limited view of:

a) what you want, and

b) what to do to get there. 

As you grow and move along your path, new things may come into your awareness. Be open to try them out and embrace them, and let go of things that don't serve you any more. 

Have patience - Depending on your current situation, change may not happen as fast as you’d like.  But by the same token, it can be quite amazing what you can achieve if you just stick to your plan and don’t become side tracked.

What to watch out forFEAR.  Make sure that it doesn’t stop you and divert you by making you think that what you fear is REAL…  There are various faces of fear, including fear of failure, fear of change and fear of success.

Realise that you will have to move out of your comfort zone - You may not think this is as challenging for a free spirit, but actually, if you really understand your comfort zone, you'll realise that it probably doesn't include doing things like budgets or learning about how to look after your money.  Comfort zones are not all about being safe, they are staying with what you feel comfortable with.  So be aware of what's happening and don’t let your feelings of discomfort stop you.  This is just a signpost that you’re making headway.

So if you're finding your freedom has been curtailed by the lack of money, if financial abundance has been eluding you, following this guidance will help you get your finances back on track so you experience more thriving than just surviving.

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