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Free audio books!  How much better does it get?

I love reading, and the benefits are huge when it comes to expanding our minds.... but I know that in our busy world sometimes we just don't have the time to sit down and focus on a book for longer than 10 minutes. 

But listening to a book is more easily accomplished - perhaps while doing other things that have to be done, but don't take much brain power... so that's why I thought it would be a great idea to make some available for you.  I hope you agree!

Be sure to have a pen and paper ready to take down some notes though, as there is some deep wisdom held within the pages of these books... or the virtual pages anyway.

This collection of free audio books all have the same underlying theme - your connection to the Universe is what shapes your life.  It’s not about what you’re doing so much as who you’re being.

Bookmark this page and come back to listen to your current book whenever you have the time, and check back often because there are always new books available.

Free PDF Books

Finding Happiness

Follow Your Bliss

Disclaimer:  These free audio books are hosted on You Tube and as such Free Spirit Unleashed does not endorse any advertising that may have been placed on them by individuals who posted them on that channel.  These videos have been placed on this page solely for the purpose of educational content provided by the authors of these books.

In Tune With The Infinite
- Randolph Waldo Trine
Approx 4 hrs 45 mins

The Path Of Prosperity 
- James Allen

Approx 2 hrs

The Game Of Life And How To Play It
- Florence Scovel Schinn

Approx 2 hrs 40 mins

Excerpts From Your Wand Is Your Word
– Florence Scovel Schinn
Approx 45 mins

Wake Up And Live!
- Dorothea Brand

Approx 4 hrs

Your Invisible Power
- Genevieve Behrend

Approx 1 hr 40 mins

The Science of Being Great
- Wallace D Wattles
Approx 2 hrs 20 mins


The Way Of Peace
- James Allen
Approx 2 hrs

I hope you enjoyed the current selection of free audio books - be sure to bookmark this page and check back from time to time as I will be posting more good quality audio books as I find them.

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