Break Free And Follow Your Bliss

Follow Your Bliss

We've all heard the expression “Follow Your Bliss’ before and truly, it does sound inviting.  But what does it really mean?

Well, one thing I can tell you - it's not about floating around in some kind of dream state, feeling ecstatic all the time. 

It’s about following your soul calling, listening to your intuition, getting in touch with what you truly love to do and getting your gifts out in the world. 

It can be extremely confronting and take you miles out of your comfort zone because it flies in the face of the accepted paradigm.  Instead of following the money you’re following your heart – but trust me the money WILL follow.

Following your bliss isn't necessarily straight forward and it can also be a little scary, because you're on a path that doesn't necessarily come with a map. Often you'll find that there are detours and sometimes even roadblocks.

But through all these experiences, you gain clarity and your vision becomes distilled as you go.  If you trust and continue the journey during these ups and downs, you eventually discover what it is you came here to do.  And no matter how hard the work is, it feels like fun, you could do it all day with a big smile on your face... that's following your bliss.

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Having Faith In Your Heart

According to this very well known quote by Joseph Campbell, it is.  He seems to be saying if you do what you love, doors will open for you where previously there were none.

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.

- Joseph Campbell -

I’ve certainly experienced this and I’m sure you have too.  When you feel inspired, everything falls into place with ease and help comes from places you never expected it to come from.  You get into the flow and everything just works.

But sometimes we hit challenges... and the path gets a little rocky.  Then you'll need to dig a little deeper, to trust and have faith that you'll be shown the way. 

By having the courage to allow things to just be, without having to try push things forward, all that is yours by divine right is able to reach you, 

Because sometimes the Universe needs a little longer than we (impatient) humans would like.  and sometimes what we need arrives just at the last minute.

4 Qualities You'll Need To Follow Your Bliss

To be true to yourself and heed the call of your heart, there are four main traits you’ll want to cultivate to help you step off into the unknown:


You have to develop trust in yourself to hear and take note of that inner voice that is guiding you to a new path, one that you feel wonderful about, but that may be very different from the one you are currently on, and also a little scary.


You’ll need faith to take inspired action when you feel called to, no matter how off the wall it may seem.  Sometimes it isn’t obvious how an inner call to action has any relevance to what you want to achieve.  But if you trust in yourself and have the faith to take action when you feel called to – this is when magic happens.


It takes courage to move out of your comfort zone and into the unknown.  When you follow your bliss you cannot know how it’s going to unfold… but if you don’t try you’ll never know – staying in your ‘comfort zone’ can also start to feel like a prison if you stay there too long, but you’ll need courage to make that move.


Believe that anything is possible.  That just because you can't see it, or feel it, or don't even know HOW on earth it could possibly manifest - the Universe has your back and it will all turn out perfectly, or better.

Remember, you only need to take one step at a time and you don’t need to know every step before you start.  Take your time and be aware of any new impulses you feel and the next step will reveal itself as you move forward.

Is It Really Your Bliss?

So, given that you may feel a little trepidation about heading off on this unknown path, and you may not have much experience of trusting your inner voice - how do you know that you’re on the right track?  That the voice inside is urging you to follow your bliss and not just some passing fancy?

The best way to know is how you feel about it.  Suspend any negative beliefs for a moment of what you think is possible, and any fear around actually doing it, and imagine it’s impossible to fail…  Do you feel excited and/or a strong yearning to be or do that thing?  Does it seem to come from the very core of you?

If your answer is ‘yes’ then that’s a sure sign you’ve tapped into something very special… Now you just need to trust yourself and have the courage to actually follow your heart!

Let me tell you a short story of someone I know pretty well.  She had a sought after corporate job earning great money, but she had become bored with it, resentful of the long hours and felt dead inside.

What she really wanted to do was walk her dogs in nature every day and write…  but for years she pushed against this idea because, well really, I mean, how could she make money doing that??  It didn’t make sense.

She carried on like this for so long that eventually the Universe pushed her into a corner where she had to make some tough choices… She had left her high paying job to follow another high income opportunity, but it hadn’t really worked out and her finances had taken a nosedive.  

Out of desperation she started a dog walking business to make ends meet, and later on started a website sharing her ideas with others…

And before you know it, she was spending her time walking her dogs in nature every day and writing…  Her idea of bliss ☺  And the money wasn’t bad either!

I have to point out that it was only some time later that she suddenly realized she was doing what she had always wanted to do, and that if she had listened to her inner voice earlier, developing the traits outlined above, she would have been following her bliss a lot sooner.

We Are Always Evolving

Something else to consider is this… your idea of ‘bliss’ may evolve over time. 

When I first started working I loved corporate life.  Of course I was young, and I loved being surrounded by others all day, dressing up in cool clothes (well I thought they were cool).  And the shoes…. Oh how I loved the shoes!!

The challenge of sales targets and being part of a team – it was exciting to me.  It may seem superficial to some – and it probably was. 

I didn’t even question if it was my passion or not, all I knew is that I loved what I did and actually looked forward to going to work each week.

However, when that started to change, I didn’t heed the advice I am now giving, and stuck it out longer than I should have, despite being really drawn to do something else. 

Why?  The same reason most people do, I was scared and didn’t trust my intuition.  I didn't have the faith to follow my inspiration and take that leap into what I really wanted to do. 

Eventually I had no choice, because that friend I talked about just now?  That was me!

If you can dream it, you can do it.

- Walt Disney -

Open Doors...

So that brings me to the last point – doors opening where before there were only walls.  I remember my mother saying ‘fortune favours the brave’ and it’s something to do with that. 

I don’t know how or why it works, but it seems that when you are following your intuition and being courageous in life, the Universe supports you and new opportunities appear in an almost serendipitous way…

So what about you?  Are you ready to follow your bliss or are you just getting by because you’re scared to make a change?  And if so – what are you going to do about it?

If following your bliss is something you'd love to do, start by re-connecting to your own innate wisdom.  Download the first part of my brand new course for free here:

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