Learn How To Manifest Anything With Ease

AKA My Loaf Of Bread Story

How to manifest anything - the story about how I manifested the perfect loaf of bread...

My friends call this my loaf of bread story - but really it's a story about how to manifest anything you want...

One particular friend has been on at me to include it here - because to be honest, it really underpins a large part of what this site is about... creating life on your terms.  So rather than explain myself, let's just get on with the story...

It all started with a simple loaf of bread.  It was a very nice loaf of bread - 100% rye  from a stall at an organic market I frequent from time to time.

I don't go there very often because it's only held once a week and it's about a 40 minute drive away.

But on this particular day I decided I wanted a loaf of this yummy bread.  And it seemed like a lovely idea to go to the markets on that sunny Sunday morning.

The Law Of Detachment

Attracting Abundance

Finding Happiness

There was one small problem - I didn't have enough money, and most farmers markets only take cash.  I also didn't have much time to get there because by the time I decided to go... the markets were close to closing.

But in any case, even though I didn't know how it would all work out, I still got in the car with my border collie, Finn, and drove over there. 

On the way I tried to get money from a petrol service station, but their machine wasn't working, I saw a shopping centre across the road, but it was busy and not easily accessible - so I didn't stop.

I looked for ATM's as I drove, slowing down every time I saw a block of little shops, but no luck with that either.

I Still Didn't Have What I Needed

So I ended up arriving at the market with the same amount of money I had left home with.

I made my way to the stall and saw it was still open.  I had a look as people were paying - but it didn't seem as though they had a card machine... 

I did notice one thing, however.  The loaves were cheaper than I thought - $7 instead of $9.

Anyway, I wandered off and looked around at other stalls hoping to find a small loaf for $4.50 (which is all I had), but there weren't any. 

So I thought I'd just go back to the first stall even though I wasn't really sure why.  I'd surrendered to the fact that I wouldn't be getting the bread today... but I just felt called to go back anyway.

When I got there, there wasn't anyone else around. And one of my favourite loaves was left.

So I asked (even though I thought I knew the answer) if they had a mobile card machine. "No", came the answer.  But instead of thanking her and walking away -  I felt compelled to continue chatting to the young girl serving. By way of conversation I explained I didn't have enough cash and I'd been trying to drum some up, but to no avail.  I didn’t say this with any ulterior motive, all I can say is that I just felt like chatting to the girl serving.

She asked me how much I had and then offered me a smaller loaf for that amount.  It wasn't really what I wanted, but at least I was going to go home with some bread, and I was grateful for her generosity.

Now, I knew for certain that I only had $4 and some small change because I had completely emptied my purse out earlier to count it. It's a small purse, so nowhere for extra coins to hide.  And as I write this I even remember what coins I had:

one $2,

one $1

two 50c pieces,

a couple of 20c's and a few 5c coins

A Small Miracle...

So I got my money out, but I dropped a coin and when I had picked it up and counted it out I had exactly $6.70!!  What?  I was in mild shock...

Spurred on by this strange, but welcome discovery, I asked if I could have the large rye loaf that I wanted instead as I was only 30c short.. and she said yes.  Result!  I got exactly what I wanted!

To me this was a little miracle. I say 'little' because of course it was only a loaf of bread... But when you think of what the Universe had to set up in order for me to get it, it's actually quite a BIG miracle, for a small thing.

When I dropped my coin it disappeared under the table so I couldn't see it.  but when I reached underneath I saw it was a $2 coin.  The only explanation I can think of is that I dropped a 20c or a 5c piece and it rolled away, and someone else had dropped the $2 earlier, which I found, thinking it was mine. 

But even though there is a logical explanation for it - how absolutely perfect.  Perfect that I was there when I was, that I dropped a coin and that someone else had dropped one earlier and hadn't realised it. 

And here's the thing - I completely believe I manifested that by setting an intention and then just following my intuition, taking the easiest and most compelling action at each step.   And if I can do it with a loaf of bread I can do it with anything! 

Which means  you can too.

If the Universe can conspire so precisely and so perfectly for me to get my loaf of bread - imagine what else it can conspire to bring into my reality - and into yours!

We always expect miracles to be big and flamboyant somehow - but usually they're small everyday occurrences and often we don't even notice them.  But when you do, you begin to have faith that the Universe is a friendly place, ready to support us on every level.

And it's only when we try to control everything... 'work it out' in our heads... that we come unstuck because how can the Universe send us these miracles if we're so convinced that it's US that's in control?  Even when it does - we don't see them, we miss them.

If I'd looked at it logically I would have said... I don't have enough money, I can't get the bread.. oh I won't bother to drive all the way over there.  (Did I mention this market is about a 40 minute drive from my home?).

But actually I just followed what can only be described as a 'niggle' to just go anyway...

I've since distilled the essence of what I did on that day, and I've realised that every time I've manifested something, even when I wasn't sure of success, I've unwittingly done exactly the same things as I did that day.

How To Manifest Anything...

This is what I learned from this experience:

First and foremost - don't overthink it.  Go with the flow, but stay connected to yourself - in other words - listen to your inner messages, your intuition.

Be clear on what you want, but don't get overly attached to the outcome.  Your life doesn't depend on it, life is great just as it is.  But it would be nice to have ______ (fill in the blank).

When faced with a choice - do this or that - do what feels like the right thing to do.  Literally ask yourself - what should I do now?  If nothing comes up, do nothing, wait until something does.

Don't make it difficult!  It's always the easiest way, the path of least resistance that will manifest what you want the fastest.  We think things have to be hard or difficult in order to bring the result we want.  That's just not true.

Turn over stones, be aware of opportunities that may lead you to what you want, but again, don't be attached to whether they bear fruit or not.  The way will come, and it may not look the way you think it should.

Don't give up on what you want, even if nothing seems to be going your way, or nothing at all appears to be happening.

Have fun as well, enjoy your life and don't spend every moment worrying about how to manifest your vision, or whether it will happen.

Ask for what you want, be grateful for whatever you have and whatever you receive, but also keep your eye on what you truly want.

Next time you're wondering how to manifest something, whether it's a new job, a sum of money, or even a loaf of beautiful fresh bread - try these tips out and see how they work for you.

The first step in manifesting anything is being really clear about what it is you really want, because then you manifest from an authentic place and receive what will enhance your life, rather than just more stuff...  If that interests you - download Part 1 of my brand new course below:

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