Your Words Create Your World

What is the easiest way to create your world the way you want it to be? 

Speak it into being...

Actually, it's more than just speaking - but your words are a great place to start.  Because sometimes it's difficult to get your whole vibration in alignment with what you want to create.

If you're currently experiencing something that you don’t want, you need to find a way of shifting your attention to what you do want instead.  So here’s what I’ve done and the results never vary!  I speak about the situation as though it's the way I want it to be already 

At first I wasn't aware of what I was doing, but then I took notice of some situations where things unexpectedly materialised in my life, and I realised I had unconsciously spoken them into being.  This has occurred with good and bad outcomes, so now I am very careful to only speak about things I want to experience.

The Power Of Intention

The Power Of Belief

Create Flow In Your Life

I've spoken things into being so many times I’ve lost count.  Big and small - it works like this... 

I decide there's something I want and I speak as though I already have it, or it's already happening, as much as I can at the time. That's it!

When I'd just arrived back from a stint overseas a few years back, it was coming up to Christmas and it was looking very much like I would be on my own on Christmas day because I didn’t know many people at that point and those I did know already had plans or were going away. 

This didn’t worry me unduly, but I thought it would be nice to at least have someone to visit, or have lunch with or something.  In fact, I had been thinking that it would be really nice to be invited by a new friend I’d met.

Then I got an invite that I didn’t really want to accept… So I answered that I was so appreciative of their invitation, but I was actually having lunch with this new friend.  I didn’t feel like I was lying, because I know that words create your world, so I just felt like I was announcing something that hadn’t happened yet, but it was out there in the field of infinite possibilities. 

And only a few days later my new friend said ‘Oh by the way, I keep meaning to ask you – are you free to come and have Christmas lunch with us?”  And of course I was.

Create Your World Exactly As You Want It To Be

I’ve done this to get a great job I wanted, find my ideal car, move to another city and also another country, to pursue an expensive hobby for free, create a successful business and also sell a business.  In fact, pretty much anything you can imagine.

Florence Scovel Shinn wrote a book about it – Your Word Is Your Wand.  And even in her other books she talks about using your word to create your world. 

Catherine Ponder also teaches that the words you speak will create situations in the physical.

Louise Hay gave a whole seminar about it.

If you affirm something and are in alignment with it, it will appear in your world.

Being in alignment simply means that in the moment of thinking about what it is you want, you feel relaxed and open to receiving it.   There's no desperation or feelings of anxiety about whether it will or won't manifest.  Just a calmness - you feel in sync with it happening or appearing in your life.

Watch What You Say…

Don't affirm that something is difficult or impossible and don’t use absolutes like never or always.  As soon as you say something is difficult and you’re never going to get it right… it will be, and you won’t.  Simple as that.

Often our speech is automatic, with the result that we don’t even hear how negatively we speak.  Saying things like I hate my job, or he’s so difficult to deal with, or I’m never going to manage this or I can’t do that… These just affirm what you will experience – it’s how you create your world.

To paraphrase Henry Ford - if say you can or you say you can’t, either way, you’re right. 

If you want something to show up – affirm it’s happening.  

You don't have to say it to others - do what I did, practise telling someone the good news when it happens, such as "I'm so happy because my boss agreed to my request to work from home 2 days a week" for example.

Affirmations and positive statements do work.  You don't need blind faith, you only need to believe in the possibility that it could happen, despite the fact that your outward reality may be in sharp contrast.

Even so, I've come across many articles that say they don’t work because the whole time your brain is saying it’s a lie.  Well that is nonsense. 

Yes, your brain will say it’s a lie to start with… but you are insisting that it’s a possibility. 

Your brain does not manifest things for you – but it does take notice of opportunities that arise when you start to focus on something.  

My Words Saved My Business

When I had my dog walking business I used to walk between 6 and 10 dogs at a time all off-leash.  They were all friendly, passive dogs, and generally responsive.  But they were still dogs and loved to run around and play chase with each other, and sometimes go selectively deaf if they were having fun they didn’t want to stop. 

It was a little stressful because in the forest I used to walk in, other dog walkers could sometimes be over protective of their own dog. 

I went through a period where I often got shouted at because one of my friendly group had run up to little Fee Fee or Fido to say hallo.  It was unpleasant to say the least.

In hindsight I didn't help myself because I would happily tell my best friend about how stressful it was and how upsetting and unfair.  On top of that I started expecting people to be angry or unfriendly.

But then I caught myself and realised that I was creating it all.

So as I walked along with my happy but lively dogs I started to affirm ‘All my dogs are well behaved and under control.  I only meet nice, friendly people.’ 

I told other walkers I met how well behaved my dogs were and how they always listened to me. 

And almost immediately, that's exactly the experience I had.  I met friendly people who loved my dogs playing with theirs, and my dogs listened when I said it was time to move on.

Before I did that, I had got to the point where I was so unhappy because of the constant worry that someone would be angry with me, that I almost thought about giving up my business.  But then I started affirming what I wanted to occur as though it was already happening, and it changed my entire experience and I began to love it again.

Over To You...

So if you're currently finding yourself in situations you'd rather not be in, or you want to create something in your life, start to consciously affirm things the way you want them to be.  If you feel it's easier you can start with small things.

Once you start to see this working you will begin to have trust in the process and can shift onto bigger things, although in reality, it's no more difficult to create a new car than it is a movie ticket.

I’m certainly not a master or a guru, but by speaking affirming words I’ve created my world to include all sorts of wonderful things and I know you can do it too... because anyone can!

So now it's your turn.  Try it for yourself and use your words to create your world the way you want it to be, instead of settling for default and whatever happens to show up.

If you want to learn more about how to create a life you love, how to find what it is you're here to do and how to tap in to your innate wisdom to create better opportunities in life, download part one of my brand new course for free:

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