The Power Of Intention

- How To Shift Your Vibration -

The power of intention has, by and large, been misunderstood as being similar to willpower.

But intention doesn't come from the thinking mind.  It's a decision based in your consciousness, without force and not attached to any belief.  

And it's not willpower - because it doesn't come from your conscious mind - it's not manipulating or controlling an outcome.  

It can be likened to taking a stand - drawing a line in the sand, that once set, unleashes a power that changes your life with one simple decision.

The power of intention has been proven to create amazing results in all kinds of situations, changing the behaviour of groups of people, and influencing other life forms such as plants.

Lynn McTaggert, researcher and best selling author of The Intention Experiment and The Field, describes intention in the following way:

"[Intention] is using your consciousness to change something in physical reality. Intention manifests itself as electrostatic and magnetic energy."

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The Be Do Have Paradigm

More and more evidence is coming to light through the study of quantum physics to support this viewpoint.

Lynn McTaggart has conducted a series of scientifically controlled, web-based experiments that test the power of intention to change the physical world. Thousands of volunteers from 30 countries around the world have participated in Intention Experiments so far.  You can read more about them here.

Change Your Focus And Change The Result

As Lynne McTaggart says, the power of intention is really a focus of energy.

Dr Wayne Dyer spoke about the power of intention as another way to look at the law of attraction.  When you make a clear decision about something, your whole vibration changes towards that outcome - which in turn changes what you experience.

A friend of mine experienced just this.  She's a yoga teacher and she wanted to hold one class a week that was a strong class to cater for some of her more advanced students.

So, she made the decision to teach this class every Tuesday evening.  But her decision was being hampered because new students kept turning up to the class who were less advanced.  As she didn’t want to turn them away, she wavered in her plan and toned down her classes to cater for them.

After a while, she realized that she wasn't actually helping anybody because the students weren't getting what they wanted and neither was she.  With that realization, her decision become an intention.  Without consciously thinking about it she stopped trying to please everyone and her vibration completely changed.

The result was that she attracted more people who were her ideal students for that class – without having to DO anything different!  

She had harnessed the power of intention.

The interesting thing is that originally she thought by turning clients away her class numbers would diminish, but actually the opposite happened, she attracted more targeted students because her intention changed her vibration, which in turn attracted the people who resonated with that.

Everything Has Been Formed Through Intention

Thoughts create things.  As you sit wherever you are now and you look around the room or place you will see something that is man made.  A chair or table, perhaps a car or even just the wheel on the car. 

All these objects started off in someone’s mind as an idea.   At some point the image became so compelling that they felt inspired to get into action and actually bring their idea to life.  At that point there was a clear intent – and it changed from being a conscious thought to a focus of energy directed at creating something in the world

That is the power of intention. 

When you intend to have or do something – when you get crystal clear on what it is you want, there is a point at which you can feel the difference between merely wanting it, and intending to have it.. 

The power behind your clear intention calls forth assistance from the pure potentiality that is all around us, and the universe gets to work in organizing the details.

If you waver in your intent you lose the power of it, and this invites that energy of struggle and the need to try and force something into being.

But when you are working with pure intent it’s almost as though there is no obstacle big enough to stop you.

Take Edison for example, his intent was to find a way to perfect the incandescent light bulb.  It famously took him 10,000 failures before he found the way to bring his vision to life.  His intent never wavered and he eventually had success.

Channel The Power Of Intention To Experience More Freedom

There are so many ways you can use this powerful force to change your situation.  But one simple way that will change your experience faster than anything else, is to set an intention for your day each morning.

Spend 5 minutes each morning setting your intention for the day. This is best done just as you wake up.  You don't even have to sit up, just lie in bed and scan your day ahead with no judgement or specific details.

Get clear on a particular outcome you would like to achieve today. It could be that a meeting with someone is drama-free, or you want to finish off a project on time without rushing, or even something like feeling joyful today and not get stressed out.

Focus on the feeling that will give you for a time, how it will feel when that is accomplished, or the joy you want to feel as your day unfolds

Ask to receive guidance towards your intended outcome during the day then release it.  Let go and just carry on with your day.  The Universe will guide you, through feelings and nudges which you interpret using your inner guidance or intuition.  All you need to do is make sure you tune in every now and then to access these messages.

Don't let immediate outward appearances diminish your enthusiasm, simply trust that the preferred outcome will manifest. Be lighthearted and play with it, don't get all serious and demanding.

In the evening journal about it.  Note down what situation you wanted to create and what the outcome was. 

This will deepen your understanding of the power of intention, as you will begin to see the evidence that this really works.

But also be honest with yourself if you realise that you had an intention, and then went straight back into controlling and forcing, forgetting to let go and tap into your spirit for guidance.

Use The Power Within...

Tapping into this power within can completely change your life and so much evidence is coming to light that shows the power of intention is a force to be reckoned with, so don’t ignore it…. use it!  Be lighthearted around it, play with it and create a life that reflects your true spirit.

Listening within is the first step to connecting to your own inner power.  Download Part 1 of my new course absolutely free and start your magical journey now:

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