Bypass Your Limiting Beliefs 

- 6 Ways To Shift From Your Mind To Your Heart -

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There’s a lot of talk about limiting beliefs – about how you should get rid of them and choose new, more empowering beliefs, which is a great idea – except – how on earth do you do that?  

I’ve tried to ‘get rid of’ these beliefs myself, but it’s hard and I’ve come to the realization that it’s wasted energy trying to do so. I mean, let’s face it, if you have a belief, everything in your experience will be confirming it’s true – that’s why it’s a belief.  And in order to erode that belief you need to have a different experience - which is challenging when you don’t believe you can.

But there is a way around them - a way to have a different experience so that you can start to build new beliefs and overwrite the ones that are standing in your way.

Restless and Uninspired?

Impermanence Is Freedom

Law Of Attraction

Why Are We Always Stopped By These Limiting Beliefs Anyway?

It all starts with the reason that we come up against limiting beliefs all the time in the first place.  It’s because we’re not honouring ourselves and following our inner guidance.  We’re not doing what we want to do - we’re doing what we think we should do, and the operative word there is ‘think’…

When we’re stuck in the paradigm of doing what we feel we should do, of getting our direction in life from outside of ourselves, then we’re always thinking.  This means we spend most of our time in our heads, planning and working things out, trying to control everything and make things happen how we think they should.  

And when we’re showing up like that, we're not connected to ourselves, we don’t feel inspired in any way and therefore we’re relying on our mind to get us through.  And our mind is where our beliefs and conditionings live – so we’re always bumping up against them and the ideas that we have of how the world is, which are not necessarily true. 

We must stop planning, plotting and scheming, and let Infinite Intelligence solve the problem in its own way.

- Florence Scovel Shinn -

The difference is, when you’re following your heart and you’re doing what you truly love not because you have to, you’re expressing your true essence and the whole reason you’re here. 

And when you do that, you’re not in that place of thinking about it and trying to work it out or force an outcome – you’re being pulled in the direction of what you’re called to do.  

Inspiration Is The Guide

When you allow this to happen, you are following inspiration, and this is a sign that you’re on the right track.  You feel like you could do it all day and you have seemingly limitless energy to pursue it.  You have this fire in your belly and you don’t care what anyone says about it. 

But when you’re doing things from obligation, or because you think you should do it – you’re following a plan, or thinking it through or looking at what other people do and thinking oh.. they did it that way so that’s what I should do… Do you know what I mean? 

But once you get into the flow... you stop doing that.  You stop looking at other people.  When you really connect with YOU, you stop worrying about what other people are doing because you’re not looking out there for inspiration. You may notice what they’re doing, but say, well.. yes.. they did it that way, but it just doesn’t feel right to me so I’m going to go and do it this way.  

That is what I mean about bypassing limiting beliefs… they exist only in your mind and when you’re in the flow… you bypass your mind and your actions come from your heart.

Courage is your natural setting. You do not need to become courageous, but rather peel back the layers of self-protective, limiting beliefs that keep you small...

- Vironika Tugaleva -

There is one caveat – living like this takes courage.  You need to let go and put all your trust in yourself.  And I’m not saying that you won’t come up against obstacles – situations that will make you stop for a minute and wonder what on earth you're doing.  But the difference is – limiting beliefs are so insidious you don’t even question them – they’re immovable and Just How Things Are.  Whereas problems along the way can always be solved.  There’s a big difference.

This is why some people can be mega wealthy, lose it all and very quickly make it back again. The money is a by-product of doing what they love.  Or people who suffer terrible injuries of some sort, but recover against the odds to walk and talk and live a normal life – even though the doctors said it’s not possible – she’ll never walk again.  

These people have tapped into the part of them that doesn’t see broken or limits or judge them by what other people did – they tapped into their essence which only sees perfection and possibility. 

This is how your soul sees you – and you simply need to connect within again and allow infinite intelligence to guide you to the best possible life you can imagine.  And when you do that, there are no limits, or limiting beliefs that can stop you.

6 Ways To Live From Your Heart And Bypass Limiting Beliefs


Start listening from within and trusting what you feel, rather than looking for the answer outside of yourself.  The more you do this, the more you will realise you can trust that guidance far more than someone else’s advice. We've all been taught that we don’t know what’s good for us and that other people know better than we do.  BS - you are your best source of guidance and when you start trusting yourself, limiting beliefs will never stop you again.


Stop comparing yourself with everyone else, and what they did or didn’t manage to do.  When you’re connected within you will know what you’re meant to do, and limiting beliefs just don’t enter into it if you follow your guidance.


Do more of what you love… Allow yourself to do the things you are called to do without second guessing or trying to decide in your mind if it’s right or wrong.  If you have a strong feeling to do something – trust that and do it, even if you don’t know how or where it will lead – the way will unfold as you move forward.


Don’t try to plan further than you can see.  This is one of the things I see people doing that completely undermines them and takes them straight back into the conditioning of the mind.  Just work with what you have and the next step will appear at the right time.  Sometimes it’s the right time to start something – but not the right time to complete it, so if you get stuck with what to do next, let it alone and wait for further instructions – via inspiration…


Start acting from your heart.  It's true that your mind is a powerful tool and has an important role to play, but when you only act from and listen to your mind you are stuck within the limits it imposes.  Have courage, dare to lead with your heart and watch as the limits that have stopped you crumble in your wake.


Let go of knowing anything.  When you let go of knowing anything, you know everything.  This means you stop blocking your innate guidance that does know the answer.  When you allow this wisdom to flow through your life by trusting your intuition and following it’s guidance – even when it (quite often) doesn’t seem to make sense, you stop resorting to using your mind to work it out.  There will be changes and shifts, but that doesn’t mean you were wrong – life is an imperfect journey but guidance is always at hand.

Limiting beliefs exist in your mind… But your soul doesn’t think… it just wants to do what it came here to do – experience adventure, fun, joy and love.  And when you honour that in whatever form it calls to you, as much as possible, you move away from the mind and become aware of the nudges and synchronicities that is the Universe’s way of putting you on the right path to receive what it is you want.  

This is living in the flow, and when you have the courage to let go and trust yourself you’ll not only bypass any limiting beliefs, you’ll transform them as you start to experience that you are a powerful creator and there are no limits.

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