Embrace Your Free Spirited Nature

I spent years hiding my free spirited nature.  When I was very young it was just natural for me to be that way... as it is for everyone. 

But gradually I sort of tamed it (or it was tamed for me) and before I knew it I was not only hiding it, but almost ashamed of it.

As though it was somehow wrong to be so free and lighthearted... even though things manifested effortlessly for me, I felt that I wasn't doing things the way I should. 

So I tried to be more serious and hard working instead. 

I stopped trusting myself, my innate wisdom, and started more and more to look outside for answers.

But that just made me miserable.

Then I made a wondrous discovery... I'll get to that in a minute.

Being A Free Spirit Is Fun... Until It's Not...

Expressing your free spirit is usually celebrated when you’re a small child, but then slowly, as you move through life, you get shut down more and more.  You learn that it’s not OK to be you.

By the time you've tested your parent's patience to the limit, spent a few years in the education system and then gone out into the world as a young adult, you've probably had pretty much all your free spirited expression well and truly stomped on. 

You learn that for some reason that fun loving, carefree person you are is not appropriate any more - you need to grow up and act your age.  You need to work hard and control everything in order to get what you want out of life.

So you try very hard not to be you – and by doing that you don't trust your own intuitive wisdom any more - you feel everyone else has the answers except you.  All in all, this ends up making you really, really unhappy.

Instead of allowing what you want to flow effortlessly to you, listening within for guidance, you start to use force and control, struggling to get what you want out of life - exhausting you and sucking all the joy out of your days.

That was certainly my experience anyway.

The Be Do Have Paradigm

Finding Happiness

Impermanence Is Freedom

Somewhere around the age of 30 the task is complete.  You’ve got your ‘good job’ (read secure and well respected) or you’ve settled for what you think you can get.

To start with it's not that bad (but not that good either) - but as the years roll by it begins to feel more and more limiting, and like something big is missing.

If you read my story you probably related to the fact that I started out by rebelling against having my free spirited way of life subdued.  But eventually I succumbed – yes – society did its job!

But fitting in just made me unhappy, because I never really did.  I hid who I was very well. I pretended that things I didn't care about were important, that I was happy and 'part of the team' but inside I felt like I was slowly dying.

Then something happened.

What A Relief... I'm Not Crazy!

I learned about the consciousness shift that was (and still is) sweeping our planet, one of the effects of which, is that it's getting harder and harder to hide our true selves, to be inauthentic.

It explained why I had been feeling like an outsider.  It wasn't because I was different to everyone else around me, but because I was trying to be someone else all the time and hiding the real me.

What a relief!!  There was nothing wrong with me!  I could live life my way again.  I saw that my free spirited nature was not an immature, irresponsible behaviour pattern but rather just a different way of seeing and being within the world.

But the really big revelation I had is that being free spirited was actually my strength, not a weakness to hide from people or try to contain!  I had gifts that I'd been hiding so as not to appear 'weird' and in order to feel happy and joyful in life I had to express them.

I realised that the best advice I can ever get is from within, listening to that quiet voice that sends me messages that just feel right.

You see, I finally understood that only by being ME and allowing my self expression to be authentic could I ever hope to lead a fulfilled life, and be truly successful.  And I also realised that when I did that, something magic happened.

Instead of floundering and starving due to lack of money and support, it seemed as though the Universe had my back.  That everything I needed, from people, to things, to money, to ideas – everything – came when I needed it – as long as I followed the guidance of my heart.

I realised that the very things I’d been hiding about myself (in order to ‘fit in’) were in fact my strengths – they were the things that led me to success! 

Being able to express myself as a free spirit again meant I could let go of trying to control everything, and use that energy instead to express the beauty of my soul for anyone who cared to see.

I could admit that I wasn't one for settling down.  That I loved adventure and experiencing new situations, that I was prone to making sudden decisions to move to the other end of the country, or the other side of the world.

I could admit that I was more interested in understanding how life works, and hiking with my dog than I was in securing the next big corporate account.

That I believed in things like living in the flow and allowing the Universe to guide me, that I didn't have to be busy all the time to be valued or to thrive.

That success looked different to me than to many others.

That yes, I left school at 16 because I just got so bored!  

That I could dress how I wanted, not act my age and could change my mind at the drop of a hat if I chose to.

That things always worked out far better when I trusted my own guidance rather than following everyone else's.

And many more things, lots of them seemingly small and insignificant, but things I had hidden from the world - at a cost to me.  The cost of my happiness.

Yes, I know – silly right?  But it’s these small things that we stress over that build into bigger things that trap us into a life of trying to conform, a life that really isn’t meant for us. 

It took me AGES to figure this out.  And it took a big breakdown to really get the message across (which is why I KNOW that when bad things happen, it’s usually because we haven’t been paying attention to what it is we really want and the Universe has no choice but to wake us up).

And it was only then that I realised - all those people who I was trying to fit in with... many of them felt the same way I did!  They were hiding who they really were too, just trying to get by.

We're Not Alone...

Free spirited people everywhere are using their very unique nature to be successful.

Mike Dooley always felt like an ‘outsider’ when he was younger and started his career as an international tax accountant – but finally his love of adventure, his seemingly strange quest to find out how life worked – ended up leading him to being a best-selling author and thought leader.

Richard Branson’s insistence on finding his own way to do things, despite what others thought, led him to taking on the big guys in order to get a better deal for the little guys.

A dear friend of mine, Rhiannon, found her way out of a quagmire of obligation, stuck in the wrong job and the wrong relationship - miles from home, and got back to a more carefree and simple life, surrounded by family, doing work she was born to do. 

My own brother has never let his free spirit be dampened – and because of that he has experienced a wonderfully adventurous life, working on an Irish horse stud farm, in a London advertising agency, as a croupier (card dealer) on Caribbean cruise liners, a stunt man (in many well-known movies) and as a bodyguard for many well-known celebrities... and that's just for starters!  

He’s now a sought after personal trainer and yoga instructor in northern California  And who knows what he’ll be doing next?  He only fell into a hole once when he thought he should ‘grow up and settle down’ – it was the only time I’ve seen him miserable.  Luckily that didn’t last too long before he reconnected to his free spirit and was off on another adventure.

I don’t say all this meaning that you have to do all those things to be happy, but only to highlight – your way is the best way for you

Free spirits come in all shapes and sizes, because we are all free spirits at heart.  So when you have the courage to follow your passion, your life will become what it was always meant to be, your own personal magical adventure, where everything you need turns up at the right time.

Now Is The Time

Now is the time to unleash your free spirit, not try to blend in and be the same as everyone else. It’s time to do what you want and celebrate your unique view of life, allowing the universal flow to support you.  In other words – it’s about thriving by just being YOU.

Your very nature - being an explorer, an adventurer, being open minded and having the courage to live life your way – are your super powers

No matter what age you are, it's never too late to shine and do what matters to you, to find your true path...

So ask yourself - what is the song you're hiding inside of you?  Because it’s time to share it with the world.

It does take a little courage to step out like this, to follow your heart.  But by learning to trust your own guidance again and acknowledging your free spirit, you’ll find that courage.  In fact, it will be harder NOT to follow your heart than it will be to take the next step and and do what you yearn for.

Your Next Step

Nowadays I work with people just like you, so you can unleash your free spirit from the bondage that is keeping you small, tap into the magic of the Universe and manifest what you need to follow your unique path.  

Even if you’re not really clear on what that is right now - you don’t have to do it alone…

When you uncover them, you’ll find that your hidden strengths are so perfectly aligned with what you love and how you yearn to express yourself, that you naturally and easily accomplish whatever it is you feel drawn to create and the Universe supplies whatever you need to thrive.

This is your time – a free spirited human in the new consciousness – that’s why you’ve been feeling SO conflicted recently – unable to keep the mask on as easily.  It’s time to uncover your true identity and be yourself.

I guide you through all this and more in my brand new course The Free Spirit's Way.  Right now you can grab Part 1 absolutely free, so - if you haven't done so already - fill in the form below and download your copy and workbook now:

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