6 Signs The Universe Has Your Back

The realisation that the Universe has your back was one of the biggest triggers that allowed me to get back to my carefree way of life after experiencing my struggle years… 

It’s something I had always intuitively known, but at one point in my life, I got caught up in looking ‘out there’ for answers and for self worth, so I lost it.  And the only way I got it back was by becoming conscious of it.

So what about you?  How strong is your belief that the universe has your back?  Is it something that you would like to believe but don’t, or do you believe it sometimes, but only when good things happen?

Well, I’ve got news for you – it’s happening All. The. Time.  And often it’s right under your nose and you don’t even see it.

Generally that's because there was no angelic messenger arriving telling you it would all be OK.  It just kinda turned out that way…

Follow Your Bliss

Letting Go Of Control

Finding Happiness

Take, for example, something that happened to me recently when I moved from South Africa back to Australia.

I needed to find a place to live and I was feeling quite concerned about it because I have pets and that can make it difficult in Sydney.  I had arranged to stay with friends for the first 10 days, but after that I had to find my own place - I'd set myself quite a challenge. 

It also seemed impossible to organise beforehand as it was highly unlikely that anybody would approve my application while I was living overseas. 

But a few weeks before I was due to move,  I started looking anyway and I saw a great place.  By 'coincidence' my friend called for a chat that day and she encouraged me to email the owner of a house, because, well, you just never know, right? 

So I did. And even though this man was overseas (more complications - he was in the UK!), he phoned me when he got my message, we had a conversation and he offered the house to me.  It was all done and dusted within a day! 

But on the surface it certainly didn't look like divine intervention - just some good people who helped me out.  But who inspired us all act the way we did, to play our parts perfectly? 

My part of listening to my intuition and looking anyway – even though I thought it was pointless.  My friend’s part of encouraging me to send a message about it.  My new landlord's part of making an international call to talk to me about the property and then trusting me, even though he had never met me.

It was the best outcome for all of us.  I found a great place to stay that was pet friendly and had everything I wanted, my new landlord had a great tenant who looked after things while he was overseas.  And my friend didn't have to listen to me stressing about a place to live in any more!

Many would interpret that story as me just being lucky, and connecting by chance with a very trusting person.  But I see it as the universe working its magic.

What About You?

Take a situation that you’re maybe feeling a little bit of doubt about right now – on a scale of 1-10 how much do you feel the Universe has your back?  It should be about an 8, 9 or even a 10.  If it’s not, then you’re not trusting that things will turn out OK, and are likely to start micro managing the situation, trying to control it all and looking outside for validation or a sign that you’re on the right track.

This is not necessarily wrong -  but it’s just that you are making life very difficult for yourself and you’re more likely to end up in situations you don’t like, because instead of following your heart, you follow your fear based mind, and instead of letting go and letting the Universe sort out the details, you’re blocking that and forcing your own solution.

So how do you find ways to begin to trust that the Universe has your back?  Here are 6 easy ways you can start to see that in fact the Universe does provide, that you are always taken care of and that trusting yourself and the Universe makes for a life of ease and flow…

6 Signs The Universe Has Your Back

Your intentions manifest when you stop trying to micro manage everything.  Look back on situations that you kind of ‘let go’ of or even gave up.  You’ll often find that whatever transpired after that point was probably the best outcome for all.

When you look back at life, you realise why some things you thought you wanted DIDN’T manifest and how you’re now glad they didn’t.  Often we get so caught up in thinking a certain situation is what we want, we will not give the Universe any space to create a better outcome.  But in hindsight we see that it was probably a blessing we didn’t get whatever it was.

One time, years ago, I applied for a job at the same company as a friend.  I was DESPERATE to get this job because I'd be travelling around and I thought it would be fun.  I even went to great lengths to tell them I’d move to a different part of the country to get it.  I was really attached to the outcome – and it didn’t happen.  I was SO upset.  But guess what – fast forward a month or two – a much better job appeared before me – one that to be honest I didn’t think I stood a chance of getting – but I did!  That would never have happened obviously, if I’d got that job I thought was the best thing ever…

Synchronicity happens.  How many times have you thought about phoning someone and the phone rings and it’s them?  Or someone on the radio while you’re driving to work says a phrase that reminds you of something you need to do, or gives you the answer to a decision you've been trying to make. It’s small things like this that are signs that the Universe has your back.

You get strong feelings to ‘let go’ or ‘go with the flow’.  Have you ever had those feelings of  ‘I just can’t do this any more’, 'there's got to be an easier way' or 'I'd rather be doing anything rather than this'?  Listen to them!! 

Usually (pre-universe support mode) I would feeling like just giving up my fight and doing something fun instead… but then out of fear that my life would go to hell if I didn’t keep control and “make” it happen I would pick myself up and carry on the good fight.  Now I realise… wow.. what a waste of energy.  I could have watched a movie, gone to the beach for a swim and still, everything I needed for the best outcome for all would have arrived at the perfect moment. What a relief!!

For instance, I used to spend hours clearing out my (forever full) inbox, but nowadays I just delete emails and phone messages, without worrying I might delete the wrong one, because I know, if I really need to know that, the Universe will send it again.  Simple.

You start to feel grateful for the smallest of things.  It’s that moment when you have the presence of mind to notice a small flower in the pavement crack, or the bird having a bath in a puddle… when you notice those things and feel happy about them – you know the Universe is sending you a sign to say – no worries – I’ve got your back!  Because the truth is – those things are always there, but in your drive to manage everything yourself, you never noticed them before.

Despite fear around situations, they still turn out OK.  This big myth that you have to believe in something for it to work out.  Nah – not true.  The ONLY thing you should have faith in is that somehow, it will all work out.  Then go to the beach and wait for  a sign of what you should do next. 

Notice that when these things happen – it isn’t in a flash of divine light… it seems almost commonplace and will usually be through another human being helping you out or being able to offer you what it is you want. 

This is why we often don’t notice those times when the Universe has engineered amazing things right under our very nose.

I wrote about a situation when something as ordinary as buying a loaf of bread demonstrated this very thing to me.  It seemed such a small thing – but I saw the hand of divine guidance in it.

How To Find Your Own Examples...

It's very powerful to look back on life and see, in hindsight, how everything seems to work out, even if it’s not the way you thought it would. 

When I realised that I had been putting a spoke in my own wheels, I wrote a list of all the incidents in my life that came to mind that hadn’t worked out how I thought I wanted them… then I looked to see, what happened moving forward. 

Surprise, surprise!  It was obvious that, even though I hadn't seen it at the time, it had all worked out much better than if it had turned out how I wanted it. 

This is a great exercise to do, because often we carry regret or sadness over a 'failure' that in actual fact was no such thing.  But only by doing this it becomes apparent that we were guided by some kind of force that had a much bigger view of the best way forward.

Maybe you have some other ideas about how to tell the Universe has your back – if so - tell me about them in the comments below.  I’d love to hear them!

If you want to step into that belief system more and more, if you're dying to just be YOU and follow your heart, take the first step by downloading the first part of my brand new course free:

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