What is The Free Spirit’s Way And Why Should You Care?

We’ve grown up in a world where we’ve been taught to hide who we really are.  But we weren't born that way - we were born to live life the free spirit's way...

This is a world that contradicts itself as we grow older.  

When we’re young we’re told we shouldn't do things just because everyone else is doing it - "would you jump off a cliff just because everyone else is doing it?”

Admittedly, this was usually as a way of trying to control us. 

But still – we were being given the licence to think for ourselves and follow our own intuitive path.

But as we grow up, somewhere along the line, we get a different message – the one that says - if everyone else is doing it we should do it too. 

And so, a fear of stepping outside the herd is instilled in you.  But are you a sheep, or a child of a limitless Universe?

You may be wondering why you should care about this.  It’s because, if you’re feeling in any way unfulfilled and stuck in a rut – it’s probably because you’re living a life that isn’t yours, and maybe you don’t fully realise it.

Failure Is Not What It Seems

Finding Happiness

The Universe Will Provide

A lot of what you currently hold as ‘true’ may not be true.  And a lot of what you hold as ‘untrue’ may not be false either.

We’ve been fed a lot of false beliefs.  One of those beliefs is that you cannot follow your heart - you shouldn’t trust your feelings because that will just lead to chaos.

There are various reasons given for this, mostly something to do with money (you’ll never make any money doing that).  But also, to do with a lie that when you do what you love, you’ll stop loving it, and before long you’ll hate it.

But ask yourself – who is telling you this?  Who is giving you this important information?  Is it someone who has made it their life’s mission to follow their heart – to go against the way things are usually done?  Richard Branson perhaps? Or maybe Tony Robbins, or Steve Jobs?

I'll bet it's not.  Because the only people who say that are people who haven’t ever done it.  Or they tried it for 5 minutes and then fear made them conform again. 

"Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

- Steve Jobs -

Living this way does not mean that challenges don’t occur, that things always go your way – but they’re so much easier to handle when you’re in love with how you spend your time.

(Side note – you can’t half do this… you either follow your heart… or you don’t). 

We’ve been taught that we have to look outside for everything; that within us are only wishes, dreams and usually unrealistic ideals.  If everyone else is doing it – it must be right.  If no-one is – it’s not.

But the trouble is that this premise is obviously flawed – otherwise why are so many people who are doing the ‘right’ thing, so unhappy?

Maybe it’s to do with the fact that they don’t have a big enough TV, or their house only has 3 bedrooms?  

They may think so, but I disagree – I think it’s because they’re not being true to who they really are.

How Do You Break Away From Mainstream, Fear-Based Thinking?

Start listening to what your heart is actually saying… what are you pulled towards? 

We all have ‘gut feelings’ about things – we have secret dreams that no matter what we do, they never go away.  

But how do we know they’re really what we want, rather than just some fantasy that in real life would be something we’d hate?

When you start listening to those whispers you’ve ignored for so long and getting back in touch with who we really are, you begin to discern between ego fantasies and what is really in your heart.  

But, just like building muscles, you need to use it continually for it to gain strength.

Using Unseen Energy To Guide You

We all radiate energy and people will pick up your ‘vibes’ and instantly like you, or trust you, or not – based on nothing but how they feel – which is really based on what vibes they pick up from you.  You cannot hide them. 

This doesn’t mean that you’re bad – but if you’re saying one thing with your mouth and actions, and another with your energy - something seems 'off'.

I’ve always been tuned into this energy.  Even in the face of others still refusing to see, I've held my view – only to be proved right in the end.

But it’s not about being ‘right’ it’s about trusting that what I feel is a true indicator of what I’m picking up from someone else.

You pick up what is really going on, on an energetic level, not what is appearing in the form of words or facial expressions.

And that’s the difference.  Those who didn’t trust what they felt, instead trusted what they were being told, and only once the mask was lifted did they realise they knew all along something was not ‘right’.

"Not trusting your sixth-sense will always - and I mean always - come back to haunt you.  Have the courage to stand alone and trust your vibes."

- Sonia Choquette - 

So how does this relate to you - to re-connecting to your free spirit and unleashing it in your life so you live the life you were meant to live, and thrive?

Well… it’s everything.  When you are really clear on how to tap into these unseen forces, when you realise that you can break free and still survive – then you have a choice again in how to live your life: the way you’re living it now; or as your true self - not only loving your life, but being a beacon to others that it is possible and anyone can do it.

The biggest secret is – we all have the ability to live a life we love – and I feel so strongly about sharing that message.  

How I Found Me And Who I Came Here To Be

 I’ve always had this urge to follow my heart, to change things up when I didn’t want to do something any more.  

And for years I did that.  But I felt guilty.  It wasn’t the way things were done, I was told.  You don’t get to do what you want, you get to do what you should do, what everyone else is doing, otherwise bad stuff happens.  

So I started to do that, to try and fit in and follow the herd, but I felt miserable. The trouble was I could never settle into that way of life. 

I’d manage it for a while then I’d follow some crazy scheme to do something different.  Then I’d settle for a while and then when the restlessness got the better of me I’d change it all up again. 

The truth is – the guilt about living living life MY way kept me running back to conformity.  

I didn’t even know what the guilt was about – it was just this vague sense of doing the wrong thing, of letting people down.

I always ended up feeling I’d better stop messing about and get back to ‘reality’ again.

"We have all been placed on this earth to discover our own path, and we will never be happy if we live someone else's idea of life."

- James van Praagh - 

Then… after one of my ‘freedom runs”, things hit rock bottom.

I felt that I had completely messed my life up because I had nothing to show for all my years on the planet, except some pretty good stories and a lot of photographs.  

I redoubled my efforts to live life according to other peoples’ rules.

It all finally came crashing down.  It was a huge wake up call.

I realised that my rebellious streak, which I always tried to hide, was there for a reason.  So, I made a stand.  I declared:

I will not allow the small, fear-based minds of the world to shut me down any longer.  I will live life my way, in freedom and in the flow and I will thrive.  

And I do and I have.  

But something else emerged – I felt compelled to share this with others who feel the call to do it too.  And so, Free Spirit Unleashed was born, and later, The Free Spirit's Way.

There's Nothing To Do

If I could distil this into one paragraph (hard for me to do because I love words) I’d say:

The truth is, there is nothing to DO.  Just become aware of being true to yourself in each moment, follow your intuition and trust that you DO know what’s right for you.  You simply need the courage to start being who you really are - that will change everything.

However, I also know that whilst that sounds really simple – you may need some guidance to do this.  

So here are 5 steps that you can take to help you move towards living life your way and thriving

1. Reconnect to your own guidance – start listening to that quiet voice from within, that up until now you’ve ignored – if you can even hear it above all the noise of other people telling you what’s best for you.  Learn to trust it by using it in your daily life and realise that, actually, you DO know what’s best for you – why on earth wouldn’t you? 

2. Discover your true purpose – uncover who you came here to be.  By following the guidance of your intuition, you will start tapping into a greater purpose, and by that I don’t necessarily mean Some Big Thing in the eyes of the world – but something special to you – and only you know what that is (yes – actually you do!).  Start to discover what you really love and what you take a stand for.  

3. Trust the Universe.  As you begin to trust your own self more and find your true path, you will see that actually, the Universe has always had your back.  

To realize this for yourself – look back over your life and see how things panned out – things that you thought you wanted that you didn’t get often turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  

This is often not clear at the time that things are unfolding in your life – especially if you've judged them as ‘bad’.  But in hindsight – often you see the silver lining in the clouds. When you learn how to trust the Universe though, you don't have to wait for hindsight - you simply allow your path to unfold.

4. Rediscover your hidden gift - everyone has a superpower! It can be hidden under the guise of everyday things you do well and love, that you just take for granted.  

But there’s something else - often they're hidden deeper.  If you grew up with the idea that it wasn’t safe to show your cleverness or imaginative ideas or even your intuitive abilities – chances are you buried them deep within you.  So now it’s time to start digging. Look back to your childhood – there will be clues there.

5. Allow life rather than organizing it – stop trying to control what you can’t control, allow your life to unfold organically in each moment and watch how miracles seem to happen.  

Letting go of control is actually the only way to live a life you love.  If you keep thinking that you know best, and manipulating everything so it works out how you think it should, you'll never find the magic that is your birthright.  You have to let go of knowing everything mentally, to find that you do know everything on a deeper level - and that's where joy lives.

It’ll probably be a slow dance - you’ll find yourself in the flow one moment and back to worrying and forcing the next.  But gradually, as you let go of all the conditioning, you’ll start to live life in that space more and more.  

You’ll understand your true nature and who it is you came here to be and the world will be a better place because of it.  

Abundance will flow in your life as and when you need it, not just money, but love and support and whatever you need to thrive.

The Free Spirit's Way - This Is How Life Was Meant To Be...

I’m in the process of creating The Free Spirit’s Way, which is a guide that will help to take the fear and struggle away and replace it with trust and allowing.  It will show you how to: 

1 – Find who you came here to be

2 – Step out of mass thinking and trust yourself again

3 – Leave limiting beliefs and fear-based thinking behind

4 – Thrive by following your heart

5 - Connect with the brilliance you've hidden

6 - Regain your trust in life and live in the flow

If you take this seriously (and by that, I mean you pay some attention to it and follow the guidance therein) your life will begin to shift from struggle to flow.  You’ll finally give yourself permission to choose a completely different path if that’s what you want. 

You’ll recapture the energy of your youth, you’ll realise that perhaps you don’t need as much stuff as you have, and that money is not really your goal but a tool you use – and when you shift to that way of thinking, paradoxically you always have enough.  

You may realise just how much you actually hate your job, and start looking for another way to earn your living in alignment with who you really are.  

You’ll find that striving and forcing doesn’t work nearly as elegantly as allowing and being at ease, that following your heart actually does lead to living a life where you thrive, where your true self can emerge and happiness appears like the sun creeps over the horizon at dawn.  

It's Your Journey - Do It Your Way

You can make this shift slowly or you can take a giant leap, but it’s not important how you do it – because the doing only comes from your being – being you.  

No more masks, no more false persona’s based on what you’ve constructed to keep you safe.  There is nothing to stay safe from.  

The Universe has your back – you are simply a part of the whole and everything that you desire is already available to you – if you allow your true self to shine through – you step onto the path – your path – that is littered with all the gifts you set up for yourself before you came here.

And it doesn’t matter how old or young you are – if this resonates with you it’s time to set your spirit free!

Make this YOUR journey - don't just blindly follow what I say.  This worked for me - you may find that different things work for you - but just use this as a guide to assist you.

Maybe You're Fine Just As You Are

If you choose not to do this, that’s fine too.  You’ll stay where you are, and life will be good and bad the way it is now.  

But you’ll continue to vibrate at a different frequency from who you truly are, and consequently you won’t find the beauty you came here to see.  

You’ll see glimpses every now and then, but not the entire picture because it’s only visible when you let go of the mask, when you let go of the pretence that you know everything and that all you need is a bigger pay check and all will be well.  

You’ll still survive, you may even do well, but you’ll never thrive because to do that you need to be true to yourself.

You Can Get Started Right Now

The first step on this magical journey right now, is to download the first part of this brand new course that I'm giving away absolutely free.  

All you need to do is subscribe to my email list below and you’ll be able to instantly download your copy. You’ll also receive updates about when the next element is available:

Whatever you choose is perfect, as long as it's what YOU choose.

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