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– Life Is Meant To Be A Magical Adventure -   

In the space of 3 weeks, 3 beautiful people that I know left this planet and started their next adventure.  It really hit home to me how important it is to actually live our lives, and not get stuck in that place of doing things you don’t really want to, with the idea that you’ll do the things you DO want to do ‘later’.  

When is later?  

Maybe for my friend Fiona it was when she got her online business off the ground, but now she never will.  

Or maybe it was when he retired in three years' time for my dear friend Andy, but now he won’t do that either.  

For my stepfather, it might have been next month – but now there is no next month for him.

On the other hand a wonderful friend of my brother’s is currently facing the end of his life due to a sudden illness – but he has lived his life full out, experiencing many adventures that called to his heart.  It’s sad that his journey may be coming to an end – but  he used the time he had in the best way he knew how… 

So how are you using the time that you have left?

The last 10 years have been challenging for me – and I know that it hasn’t only been me who has experienced difficult times recently.  It seems as though everyone I speak to has some story to tell of big challenges or simply a feeling of just being stuck and not really even knowing why. 

But even though it has definitely been a difficult period for many, we all know that challenges are part of life.  Some periods of life are always going to be better than others, and (thankfully) nothing ever remains the same – good times follow not so good, and better times follow that. 

The times that I can safely say have been the best in my life so far, were those I spent doing what I loved, with no agenda other than I really wanted to do them.  And in those times nothing can stop me – I just make up my mind and I somehow overcome any obstacles in my way, never thinking for one minute that I won’t achieve my dream.

But of course, the ebb and flow of life has made sure that sometimes I have been stuck. 

I've realised that the only reason that I ever move out of those periods of my life where everything flows, back to the push and struggle way of living, is because I forget for a while the one thing that I know deep in my heart to be true – the Universe always provides what we need.  Our only job in the whole journey of life is to listen to our intuition and follow it fearlessly.

And that is, for me anyway, the key.  The only way to really live your life full out is to live fearlessly.

Because every time I get stuck in a place I don’t want to be, those times when I start shrinking into myself and living small again – I can always trace them back to fear.

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Living Fearlessly Is Trusting Yourself

Is it just me or does everyone get more fearful as they grow older?  There are times now when I have to consciously acknowledge the fear and find the strength to let it go, to allow myself to do what is in my heart. 

I have to be reminded to trust myself, whereas when I was younger I just did it intuitively, without a thought of what could go wrong – and a conviction that if anything did go wrong – it would all work itself out anyway – so why worry?

My journey has always been about freedom, and I’ve always been hopeful of inspiring others to live the same way.  When I was younger I couldn’t understand why people would say things to me like – oh I wish I could do what you do.  Because in my naivete, I believed that if you really wanted to do something you just found a way to do it. 

But my recent journey has shown me the other side of the coin – and as tough as it was to go through - for that I’m eternally grateful.

Because now I can truly understand what it is to look into the face of fear and uncertainty and still choose freedom. And living in freedom means living life full out.

Life can only be lived dangerously – there is no other way to live it.  It is only through the danger than life attains to maturity, growth.  One needs to be an adventurer, always ready to risk the known for the unknown.  And once one has tasted the joys of freedom and fearlessness, one never repents because then one knows what it means to live at the optimum.  Then one knows what it  means to burn your life’s torch from both ends together.  And even a single moment of that intensity is more gratifying than the whole eternity of mediocre living

– Osho -

7 Ways To Start Living Life Full Out:


Listen within and trust what you hear. Know that when you get a calling to do something – there is a reason behind it.  You don’t need to know what to do – just follow the guidance you have in each moment and take the next step. 

You have to be quiet to do this – because your heart speaks in whispers, whereas your mind is a constant commentary about what it sees around it.  Your heart just knows, whereas you mind is incessantly judging and weighing one thing up against another.  So go within, spend quiet time and listen…


Be choosy who you listen to.  Don’t listen to the naysayers who say what you want to do is foolish and dangerous.  If you have a strong feeling that you want to do something - you have it for a reason and if you don’t follow it through you will find your energy depleting and getting stuck. Surround yourself with people and situations that encourage you to see possibilities not problems.


The happiest people have a purpose. It’s a fallacy that you will be happier if you sit on a beach all day and sip margaritas.  It may be nice for a holiday or to relax after a busy period in your life.  But long term we all need some reason to get up in the morning and a feeling of being needed in some way.  It doesn’t have to be a calling – even having a job, if you enjoy what you're doing, is something that gives you sense of accomplishment and that you are helping in some way.


Dust off those dreams you had when you were younger – how many of them have you given up on, or just let life sweep by the wayside?  It’s time to revisit them.  Some probably won’t call to you anymore, but there are those deeply buried dreams you left behind and thought you’d forgotten that you will realise are still important.  If they’ve hung around all this time – they need exploring!


Embrace change – don’t avoid it!  Change is inevitable – nothing remains the same, ever.  When you hang on to old situations or surroundings too long and refuse to move on – you can’t see what new adventures are ahead of you.  Start letting go and moving forward to the next step in your life.


Don’t live in the past.  Stop identifying as who you used to be when times change. So many people get stuck in the past.  They’ve experienced a period in their life where they did something that they really enjoyed or were good at or even that meant they were celebrated in some way – but they never leave it behind.  They spend all their time talking about who they used to be

The trouble is, while you do that you will never be available for the new opportunities in your life.  You’re looking in the rear view mirror all the time and identifying yourself as someone who doesn’t exist any more… it’s old energy and it will keep you stuck. The longer you continue with that, the lower your energy will become. 

It’s the same with those who have just been through a bad patch.  If you keep harping back to oh what a terrible time I had last year… you are just keeping yourself stuck in that energy and not able to see possibilities around you now. 

So let the past be the past, celebrate it, or learn from it – but live in the now – be who you are today and enjoy this moment. 


Slow down.  This can be counter-intuitive – if you feel your life is boring and lacking in excitement, the answer seems that you should accept all invitations and rush around the place doing stuff. 

But the reality is, if you do that then you’re just filling in the time and being busy.  The key to living full out is not being busy all the time, but simply doing what lights you up.   

And remember - just because you have absolutely no idea how to make it happen is no excuse.  Allow yourself to feel it and acknowledge it, and the Universe will show you the way.

Life is a magical adventure if you let it be so.  But our human minds are so busy scanning our surroundings looking for threats or remembering past hurts and difficulties that we often totally miss wonderful possibilities and opportunities right in front of us. 

Living life full out doesn’t mean you have to leap off cliffs or give everything away and take off around the world.  It means living YOUR life to the max - YOUR way.  The end goal is that you live life with no regrets

A life lived full out means stay true to your heart as far as possible in each moment as you journey through life.

Pretty much anything you want to do you already know how to do it - you just need to trust yourself and listen within.  Download Part 1 of The Free Spirit's Way - which is all about tapping into your intuition:

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