Soul Calling Myths That Steal  Your Freedom...

Vision of a fairy castle bathed in golden light by a little girl in a dark forest... will she dare to step into the light?

I call them 'soul calling myths' -  these myths that stop you following your soul calling. 

You probably don't even realise that they are stopping you, but if you want to live life your way and do what it is you came here to do -  you'll need to find out what they are.

My soul calling eluded me for far longer than it could have. It was only when I realised that what made me different was not something to be ashamed of that it all made sense and I started to understand.

Becoming proud of being a free spirit instead of hiding it allowed me to come out of my shell and start to feel good about myself again.  And because of that, these soul calling myths that had stopped me even hearing what my soul was trying to call me to, became apparent,

Since then I have noticed many others with the same problem - and I've realised that, sadly, there are 3 myths in particular stop so many people from answering their soul calling at all. 

What about you?

A Free Spirit's True Story

Unmask Your Superpowers

Follow Your Bliss

By now you've probably realised that in order to be happy and fulfilled, you've got to honor your true nature.  And that the things about you that you feel you should hide, that maybe you got shut down for when you were younger - they're actually your super powers and not weaknesses at all, as you'd been led to believe.

So naturally you start to get a bit excited!

Suddenly everything makes sense and you can't wait to tap into your soul calling - your perfect self-expression - and change your life!

But before you know it good old ‘reality’ sets in.  Little memories come filtering back - things your parents used to say – 'get your head out of the clouds', or 'that won’t pay the bills', You remember some relative your family tut tutted over, who gave it all up and took off to find himself, and ended up teaching people to surf in Bali  - "what a waste - he was such a clever boy" someone gossiped over tea and biscuits.

Then your friends try to talk you out of it, and your other half is wondering if this is just 'a phase' you're going through.

Even old energy personal development teachings tell you that you need to have 100% belief that you can do it first, you need a goal and step by step clarity on what to do, how to do it and exactly what it will look like when you get there... and here you were ready to simply jump into the unknown without a road map.

With all this going on, is it any wonder you start to doubt yourself?  That old adage – 'if it sounds too good to be true it probably is' comes to mind.

No matter how much you want to find your soul calling, these things do make you stop and think and unfortunately for many that's as far as it goes.  I don't want that for you.  So below I've listed the top 3 reasons why people don't follow their soul calling - and why you mustn't let them stop you.

3 Soul Calling Myths That Stop You Following Your Heart 

Soul Calling Myth #1 You have to believe in yourself and your ability to have or do it.  This myth says, you have to believe in yourself 100%  and know how to make it happen before you start.  If you don't you'll fail.

But the truth is – just about everybody has some level of doubt in themselves when they make changes, and hardly anyone I know who has gone on to follow their soul calling knew exactly how to make it happen when they set out.  They just took one step and at time and the ‘way’ unfolded before them.

Unfortunately, this idea that you have to be highly self-confident and know it all before you start, leads people to either not even try, or settle for far less than they can have.  They find something close to the life they want and settle for that, never really finding their perfect self-expression and always just ‘making do’ with a watered down version of that.

Don’t be one of those people.  If you know what it is you want, if your soul is calling to you to do something that that makes your heart sing – you owe it to yourself and to the world to go out there and do it fully, and with total abandon.  Trust yourself and your inner guidance - it’s calling you to do what you were put here to do and it’s the only way you will feel totally fulfilled.

Soul Calling Myth #2 - You need to fix yourself first.  Maybe you think that the reason you aren’t already following your soul calling is there is something wrong with you that you need to fix first.

So you go through all sorts of rigorous inner work to change things about yourself.  The trouble is, there is no end to what you think you need to do before you’re ‘ready’.  So you spend lots of time and lots of money and yet nothing much seems to change.

In truth you don’t need to fix yourself because you’re not broken in any way – you’re perfect and whole just as you are.  You’re just living life from the outside in, instead of from the inside out.  Meaning, you're looking outside for answers, when in fact they've been inside you all along. 

So there is no fixing required, there is only some dismantling to be done - taking off the mask you wear and breaking down the persona you show to the world and beginning to trust yourself.

When you start to be yourself and be authentic and REAL… that’s when things start to shift – all of their own accord without you having to force anything.  It’s as though the Universe starts responding to who you really are… and what you really want starts to appear in your life.  Your only job is just to BE YOU.

Soul Calling Myth #3 - You have to know what you want.  Maybe you aren't really clear what it is you want, you have so many ideas that you can't get a clear picture of what your soul calling even looks like. 

If this is you - you're not alone.  Most of the people I work with have been struggling with this one - I struggled with it for years!  The good news is that you don’t need to be that specific, in fact it's better if you don't force yourself to be.  I know this sounds contrary to everything you've heard - but it's true. 

After struggling with this problem myself - I found out that you really only need to have an idea of how you want to feel - what the overriding experience is that you want in your life.  Some simple examples are:

  • Rich and opulent
  • Responsible and admired
  • Free and abundant
  • Loving and nurturing
  • Creative and expansive
  • Dedication to a cause

Or any combination of these, and many other things besides. 

Then decide what that feeling represents to you... in broad terms.

For example my idea of a perfect life is to feel free and abundant, which to me means surrounded by nature, enough money to meet all my needs and wants, and the ability to travel when I want. 

How it comes about doesn’t matter, because it could be a way I haven’t even dreamed of.  So I don't need to know specifically what my soul calling is - just that this is what I'm being called to experience.  Does that make sense?

You see, the Universe/Spirit already knows what you want!  You don’t have to spell it out or get ultra specific, as that just limits what can show up in your life.

So, you don’t need to know exactly what it is  you want - only how it is you want to feel... and the rest will unfold naturally before you.

Leave Your Mind Out Of It...

These myths can be tricky to see for what they are from your own perspective sometimes, because we get stuck in our heads and try to work it all out using our intellect, which confuses the issue even more. 

So the best thing to do is to leave your mind out of it

Did I really say that? 

Yes I did!  Your mind is a great tool that helps you do everyday things with ease, like driving cars, calculating budgets, reading and writing; and all those things that require critical thinking or learned behaviours - your mind is great at those tasks.

But when it comes to tapping into the infinite possibilities available to you, when it comes to following your soul calling, or even understanding what it is your soul is calling for you to do, your mind just gets in the way. 

Your mind thinks it knows everything, it compares, worries about what others think, listens to what others say and tries to keep you safe by focusing on all the reasons it WON’T work, and filing the reasons that it will in the box marked ‘fairy tales’.

There are times when you need to thank it for sharing and then bravely move forward anyway. 

But that’s not always so easy to do.  Because your mind is throwing up fear while your soul is calling to you live your passion.  And fear tells us to be realistic, not to get carried away. 

But what is realistic?  Realistic is looking outside for evidence that what you want to do has been done before and is therefore safe and predictable.

Does that sound like following your soul calling?  No. Of course not. 

Follow Your Guidance...

So your job is to enquire within and find what your soul is calling you to do, and then to just allow yourself to take the next step you feel guided to, and then the next one, and so on.  And you'll see that things will start to unfold for you. 

Situations will occur to help you, people turn up just at the right time to guide you, information, money and whatever else you need starts to show up to help you on your way.

Your soul is calling you to what you dream of for a reason.  Expressing your gifts in the way that only you can will bring you more happiness than anything else you can do - and the world is waiting for you

So let go of struggle, kick those soul calling myths to the kerb, then thank the Universe for the support it will send as you take that first step…

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