The Law Of Attraction & Manifestation

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For many the law of attraction and manifestation was first discovered by watching the movie The Secret.  Since then information has been fairly prolific about what it is, how it works, how to get it to work for you, why it doesn’t work and also for some, why it’s complete woo woo nonsense.

The film got many people excited, but as time went by more and more people got disheartened and disillusioned by what they thought the law of attraction was because ‘it didn’t work for them’

This was true, because how they thought it worked was you think about something alot, and it will appear in your life.  But there's a bit more to it than that.

The reality is, the law of attraction and manifestation is just one of many universal laws, or laws of nature.  And just like all the other laws, it is immutable, unwavering and precise in it’s operation.  It will always operate with 100% certainty regardless of your awareness or ignorance of it, your belief or disbelief.  

It is constant and it is the reason that everything we experience - good and bad alike - is attracted to us and we, at some level, are attracted to it.

Letting Go Of Control

Attracting Abundance

The Power Of Intention

So contrary to popular belief, you can’t switch the law of attraction off – like it’s working for them, but not for me.  You can’t stop it working.  But you can end up getting things you don't want and not getting those that you do.

This is because you focus on the wrong things… like the lack of something as opposed to having it.  Once you realize that, you can choose to work consciously with this law in order to create things and situations that you want in your life.

Another popular misconception is that you have to do certain things to 'make it work' for you.

But in fact you don't need to manipulate things or force yourself to meditate or visualize for a certain period of time at a certain time of day.

These things can work, if you enjoy doing them.  But if they're a chore and not at all something you love, then they will actually work against you instead. 

The only 'doing' you should take part in is inspired action.  This is when some kind of action calls to you, seems like fun and something you really want to do... that is usually the way forward.

As Richard Branson says 'If it's not fun, don't do it'.

The Science Behind The Law Of Attraction and Manifestation - Energy & Vibration

The law of attraction and manifestation is not some feel-good, new-age theory.  It's science.

The study of quantum physics shows us that at it’s basic level everything in the universe is energy.  I’m sure you already know that, but let’s think about what that means. 

All energy vibrates at a certain frequency, lower frequency vibrations are denser and things that vibrate at that level can be seen by the human eye – such as plants, rocks, your dining room table, and your cat.  Things that vibrate at a higher and faster level cannot be seen for example, thoughts, smells and sounds.

There is no judgement about this, such as lower frequency vibrations are 'bad' and higher energy vibrations are 'good'.  They are just different.

The interesting thing about these frequencies is they are designed to ‘seek out’ similar frequencies.  Hence the ‘law of attraction'.  Like attracts like.

What this means of course, is that if you’re emitting a certain frequency, you attract things of a similar frequency, whether that’s people, things, situations, or conditions like wealth or poverty, abundance or lack, health or disease. 

And when that happens they appear in your life.

Hence the law of attraction and manifestation - like attracts like and manifests it in your reality.

But there's something else – you will also be attracted to things that resonate with how you’re feeling…  so it works both ways. 

Think about it.  When you’re feeling fed up and miserable, how much do you want to spend time with someone who’s upbeat and happy?  Not much.  But if your neighbour pops their head over the fence and starts moaning about something that’s happened… you feel a sense of solidarity and enter into the conversation willingly. 

However, if you were feeling happy and light-hearted, would you be so keen to engage in that conversation with her?  Probably not.  It just would not be attractive to you.

So the law of attraction is not something that you have to make work for you, or do certain things at certain times of day, or be a good person or a worthy person or anything in particular.  It is simply that you will only attract into your reality things that are in tune with your vibration

What Are You Attracting Now?

How can you tell what your vibration is? 

Well... how do you feel? 

If you’re feeling bad you’re going to be attractive to other things of a similar vibration.  So if you feel angry and sorry for yourself on a regular basis, you’re going to attract mean-spirited and aggressive people and situations to you so you can carry on feeling like that. 

If you feel grateful and happy a lot of the time, you will find that you seem to have lots of things to be grateful and happy about, nice things happen and the things you dislike will somehow bypass you a lot of the time.  You are simply putting out a vibration and other things that are in that same frequency will find you.

This is why bad things happen to good people and vice versa.  The universe doesn’t keep score.  And it doesn’t matter if you are the most generous person on earth.  If you feel inside you are unworthy to be on the receiving end, you will always bring situations to you to allow you continue to feel like that.

Here is what Bob Doyle says in his book Wealth Beyond Reason:

You are Energy and you vibrate and attract according to your frequency.

Another thing to understand from all this is that nothing we see is actually “reality” (including money), but are our own perceptions and interpretations of the ocean of Energy all around us, called the Universe. We are literally like radio tuners, and we “pick up” frequencies that vibrate within the range to which we are tuned!

Your energetic vibrations act like magnets to similar energetic vibrations.

Think about times when you’re happy and upbeat – and things just seem to get better and better… that’s because predominantly you're in the vibration of abundance and allowing and just plain good vibes.  But then something derails you (things happen out in the world that we can’t control – your partner loses his job or your child has a bad day at school).

If you let it, and if you focus on that long enough your vibration changes and your ‘string of good luck’ seems to end. 

Something else we do (and this was a biggie for me) is we expect good things to end soon…  

I was brought up with the idea of all good things come to an end...

...the higher you climb the harder you fall,

nothing lasts for ever,

make hay while the sun shines, expect and prepare for the worst....etc etc

I mean what kind of drab, dreary thinking is this?  Yes we know everything doesn’t always go according to plan, but expecting the worst… sheesh… might as well not bother!  But how many people do think like that?  I’ve done it, and I’m sure you have too.

Shifting To Those 'Good Vibes'..

So when this old programming strikes, here’s the way to remove yourself from those nasty thoughts and feelings. 

Just reach for the next best feeling you can. 

That's it!

“Let your alignment (with Well-Being) be first and foremost, and let everything else be secondary. And not only will you have an eternally joyous journey, but everything you have ever imagined will flow effortlessly into your experience. There is nothing you cannot be or do or have—but your dominant intent is to be joyful. The doing and the having will come into alignment once you get that one down.” 

- Abraham -

Now usually you can’t go from sad to joyful in one step, unless something amazing happens.  So you just need to find a way to feel a little better.  And sometimes it’s not what you think. 

For example, if you’re feeling depressed (and I’m not talking about suffering from depression here – that’s a different situation), but if you’re feeling down and a little sorry for yourself about something someone said to you (we all do that from time to time), you may find your next step is anger… Anger is actually a better place to be than self pity and victim-hood. 

And from that anger you can gradually start to feel, for example, that you will show them you can do it (or whatever it is), which moves you into a more creative mindset and now you’re feeling a little more hopeful and now you're looking for solutions.    

Even though this isn’t joy, it’s miles away from feeling like a victim.  Do you see what I mean? 

But one caveat here.  Anger is a step… don’t get stuck there, just use its energy to move you to the next best feeling.

So don’t freak out when you feel bad… worried that you’re going to immediately attract bad things to yourself.  Just start to find your way to a slightly better feeling, and then another and then another.  This is your only work.

In The End...

So the bottom line is this.  Be aware of where your focus is.  The law of attraction and manifestation has no preference and no judgement of what it brings to who.  Good or bad, if you're in that frequency, that's what you'll attract. 

In the end, your only job is to feel as close to joy as you can as often as you can and follow inspiration when it calls you to action.  You will find more and more wonderful things ‘just happen’ in your life - and when they do – let me know about them below!

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