Attracting Abundance - My Experience

Attracting abundance

Attracting abundance is a something you do when you allow yourself to follow your dreams, without  working out first how you will do it.  Of course abundance is not necessarily money, it's anything that comes into your life in enough quantity to meet your requirements comfortably....

Have you ever been so determined to achieve something no matter what anyone else said? Something that seemed impossible given your circumstances at the time? 

I'm sure you have if you think about it.  Most of us have stories of attracting abundance at some point in our lives.

I wrote the following account as a chapter entitled Attracting Abundance for a compilation book a number of years ago. 

The Magic Of Gratitude

Creative Visualization

The Power Of Belief

It's the story of a time in my life when I had a passionate desire to do something, but no visible means of executing my plan, but I went ahead and did it anyway – and guess what?  It all happened even faster than I could have imagined in my wildest dreams.

Even to this day if I'm feeling a little down or overwhelmed, when I read back on my experience I get inspired to get up, brush myself off and just carry on going.

Hopefully it will have the same effect on you!

Attracting Abundance - My Story

Landing at Sydney’s international airport I had one thought, how am I going to get back to Africa and how fast can I do it?

I’ve always been a late starter, and my decision to pack a backpack and leave Australia for a year only came after I’d turned 30. 

South Africa as a destination was always on the cards when I planned this trip as I grew up in Johannesburg and my father still lived there, but I hadn’t planned on meeting a wonderful new friend on my travels who lived in Cape Town. 

I also hadn’t planned visiting her for two weeks, and staying 6 months!

And I hadn’t planned on falling in love with that beautiful city cradled by Table Mountain.

So it was that on arriving back in Australia, I had only one thought in my mind – get back to Cape Town with all my worldly possessions, including my two dogs and two cats, as fast as possible

However, there were a few seemingly insurmountable challenges in the way upon my arrival in Sydney – I had no money, I had no job and I had nowhere to live.  My permanent residence permit for South Africa, which allowed me to live there indefinitely, had expired years earlier and I had to re-apply from scratch.

But I had a dream and I had a passion and nothing was going to change my mind and no obstacle would be big enough to get in my way. 

When you believe in something wholeheartedly like this, the universe begins to show you her bounty and how everything you need is there in abundance no matter what the outward appearance may be.

Things Fell Into Place Like Magic

So, back to Sydney...  I was invited to stay with a friend for a week or two, which I did and started the search for employment. 

The perfect job landed in my lap within two weeks through a friend of a friend.  Now I had an income, I could find somewhere to live, and again the perfect place materialized right next door to my friend's house.  It was pet friendly (for my cats and dogs) and it was a short term rental, which fell in line with my desire to be able to leave for Cape Town as soon as I was able.

The job I had was not a high paying job, in fact when I look back I can hardly believe that I could live on what I was earning, let alone get myself back to Africa in a few short months.  But I did. 

Things fell into place for me everywhere; I received money back from a previous tax return that I wasn’t expecting.  Through my job as a sales person I hit sales targets that I hadn't anticipated and couldn’t believe I’d managed to achieve.

Friends helped out in all sorts of ways without me asking them.  I bought an old second hand car (again through a friend of a friend) and got such a bargain that I sold it for more than I paid for it when the time came to leave.

I even attracted a very helpful soul at the South African Embassy who assisted me in retaining my expired permanent residence permit.

A Few Short Months Later...

Within 5 months I was standing at the Bondi Beach Hotel with friends waving at the South African Airways flight overhead taking my pets to Cape Town, and two days later I was at the airport myself catching my flight back to South Africa. 

My pets were in kennels until I arrived – all paid for. 

My furniture and personal belongings were in a warehouse waiting for the next ship to South Africa – all paid for. 

I had enough money left over to live for at least four months while I looked for a job. 

What Is The Magic Dust?

Abundance of magic dust...

How did I do it?

It all started with my mindset.  I refused to ‘see’ my current reality and instead focused on what I wanted it to be.

But at the same time, I let go and listened for inspiration - I just did the next thing that seemed to call to me.

And because of that the universe poured its abundance on me.  Looking back I can see that everything we ever need is always there in abundance, we just need to ask for it.

I am also sure that if I had asked for more and expected it to come more quickly that is exactly what would have happened.

The trouble is we usually focus on where we are now and wait for the abundance to show itself before we do the things we want to do.  This is completely in reverse of how the universal laws actually work. 

If you are waiting for something to make you feel abundant so you can do the thing you want to do, you are living with a lack mentality, you are not attracting abundance.  This is not difficult to do in our current society.  Human beings have always by and large subscribed to the ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ mentality, when in actual fact it is ‘I’ll see it when I believe it’. 

That is the key, to feel however the abundance we are searching for would make us feel when it appears, but we need to feel it NOW.

Believe In Your Dream And You'll Live Your Dream

Now, it’s easy enough to talk about attracting abundance, say your affirmations, have some pictures on the wall to visualize what you want.  But how easy is it to be visualizing a lifestyle that allows your free spirit to thrive, when you haven't even got the time to meet friends for movies once a week?

How easy was it for me to visualize returning to South Africa when I apparently had no money, a low paying job and thousands of dollars required to get me where I wanted to be?

As I said before, it all started with my mindset, and then allowing the Universe to work it's magic without trying to control it all.  Below are some steps to becoming abundant in your mindset and letting go to allow abundance to show up in your physical reality in a perfect way:

Flow... Allow what you want to attract to flow.  Don’t hold onto money or be in a rush trying to save time;  use as much as you need of both to achieve your goals.  If you use the abundance already given, more will flow to you in greater quantities. 

Gratitude…. Be truly grateful for what you have right now and for what is to come.  Keep a gratitude journal of all the shows of abundance the universe has sent you each day. Feel prosperous because you have food on the table, you have a loving relationship or you have a job.  By comparison to some you are unbelievably wealthy… it’s all relative.

Expectation...  Expect abundance to show up in your physical reality.  By expecting it you are placing your order and the universe will deliver. (I've since learned that even if you don't expect it, if you just let go and 'see what happens' you get the same result)

Action...  Get into action NOW - don't wait until you have it all worked out, just do the next thing you can towards your goal.  You'll be surprised how things keep appearing just as you need them to.

Once the flow starts you will be amazed at the abundance available and you will wonder why it was so hard to come by before.

The truth is we live in an abundant universe.  There is more than enough to go around, all we need to do is to tap into it.

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into."

- Wayne Dyer  -

I have updated this version slightly as I'm not on a strict word count like I was when I wrote it, but basically nothing has changed.  I still believe that attracting abundance is something we do when we let go, focus clearly on the end result we desire, without getting caught up in how it will happen.

One thing I didn't mention when I wrote this article (the word count issue again) is that during the time I was in Sydney and on a mission to get back to Cape Town, I didn't just sit at home moping and wishing I was there already. 

No, I had fun right where I was.  I went out with my friends, and enjoyed myself, living in that moment and not always wishing for the future.

That is another key - it's fine to be focused on your goal - but you have to 'let go' as well, and enjoy the now.  If you spend all your time worrying about reaching the end result you will actually do more harm than good because your mind is now focused on NOT having it, and you are living out of sync with your natural state of joy.

Think back to a time when you have attracted abundance out of nowhere - I know you have a similar story to tell - then think back to how you felt and what you did... and tap into that whenever you feel overwhelmed by a big goal.

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