True Financial Freedom - When Money Flows Freely

What is true financial freedom to you?

True financial freedom is really about abundance - living life your way and thriving, which means allowing money to flow in and out of your life without attachment...

So the most important thing really, is to know what it is that will make you happy, what will set your soul on fire - what it is you'd love to experience.

And to know that, you need to be aligned with who you really are.

What do you stand for?  What's important to you?  Because once you're clear on that - you will know what it is you really want in your life.  And it may be far more simple than you think it is. 

When you cut the BS and start living authentically, following your dreams, money becomes something you use, not something you're chasing... and that's when magic happens.

Set Inspiring Goals

Use Prosperity  Affirmations

Your Financial Freedom Plan

When you don't really know what you want the money for, you find yourself just chasing money, to buy more stuff that really doesn't fulfil you. 

I used to live like that.  I spent pretty much every weekend out spending money... I'd be happy for a few hours, or maybe even days, but then it would wear off.  Spending money was like a drug, covering up the big fat hole I had where my real dreams should have been living.

Luckily I had some experiences that shifted how I saw life, and because of that, one thing I know for sure is that when how you live your life becomes more important than how much you earn, money becomes a tool not the goal, and true financial freedom will follow.

Your Definition Will Change As You Do

Your definition of true abundance can also change depending on your situation.  For instance, at one time in my life I was broke, and all I could focus on was having enough pay the rent and have my basic needs met.  I just wanted to feel financially secure from day to day.

However, when I was earning a 6-figure income in a corporate job I hated, the money didn't seem as important and true financial freedom meant doing something I loved and being able to do it from my home.  As my comfort level increased, my dreams changed, I was prepared to take more risks and how I lived my life became far more important to me than the actual dollars I earned. 

Start With Where You Are Now...

Freedom to spend time with your kids on the beach...

So what does abundance look like to you?  What vision really lights you up and how would you love to spend your time?  These are the questions you need to start asking yourself if you want to experience true financial freedom. 

I love writing, it somehow connects you to your soul... so my advice is to spend some quiet time somewhere you can relax and feel inspired, maybe in nature or some peaceful part of your house.  Then think about what it is you REALLY want and write down everything that comes up. 

When you do this, don't worry if  what comes up seems impossible right now... the most important thing is that you envision it from the heart - not from a place of how others will perceive you, or whether you think you can have it or not.  This has to be in alignment with who you really are.

The best way to describe this is - you need to feel a connection to your vision.  

It has to be something that you would love, even if nobody else understands it.

You might decide that your vision of true financial freedom would be to own your own island, a 220 ft luxury yacht and houses all over the world.

Or it may be following your passion and starting your own small business, a creative endeavour you want to immerse yourself in just for the sheer fun of it.  Or it could be starting an animal refuge, or writing a book.  It doesn't matter - the point is that you start to get a picture of what it is you truly want in your life

Not Sure What You Want?

If you're feeling unclear on this, I suggest putting your thoughts into a journal - I swear by journaling, and unless you’ve been considering this idea for some time , it will more than likely be a process you go through in order to discover what it is you really want.

Find Your Vision of True Financial Freedom

Jot down everything you can think of that would make you feel abundant right now

From this connect with a picture of your ideal life

Do the 'authenticity test' - is this truly what I want?

Do the 'connection test' - do I feel connected to this?

Write about it in your journal

Review it if and when you want to - only if it makes you feel good.

Update it as you achieve it, or as you get more clarity on your vision

If you still struggle with this, I've found that sometimes it can be easier to think about what you don’t want to start off with.  It sounds a bit backwards, but I’ve found that often we are clearer on what we don’t want and that can lead to realizing what we do want.

But only do this to get clear on what you DO want, not just the absence of something you dislike. 

For example if you currently work long hours and it's making you miserable - think about what you will do with the extra time if you didn't have to do that.  You may find that it's not really the long hours you hate, it's what you're doing with them.

You may realise that you really want to simplify your life - plant your own veggies or work closer to home so you can cycle to the office.

Every desire is valid, as long as it makes your heart sing.

Give Your Imagination Free Reign

Let your imagination run wild with this, don’t try to ‘think’ your way through.  If you’ve spent a long time denying your dreams it can be kind of hard to get in touch with them again.  But your imagination is directly linked to your soul... and if you have a dream that you keep imagining - it's there for a reason.  It's been waiting for you to tap in and bring it to life.

Whereas the problem with thinking your way to your ideal life is you'll tend to try to work out how it will happen.  And if your mind can't work that out, then it will convince you to dump the idea as 'unrealistic'.

The truth is, nobody who has achieved anything great ever knew how they were going to get there when they started out.  They just had a dream and put one foot in front of the other every day until they finally reached their goal.

Also, don’t feel you need to justify to yourself why you want something, this is your chance to be totally and completely honest about what you really want your life to look like.

The bottom line is - this is YOUR life and only you know what will make you feel fulfilled and happy , you don’t have to please anyone else.  In fact, if that's your motivation, it’s a recipe for disaster!

Write It Down

Once you start getting clear on this, write it down.  But here's a caveat: don't feel that you need to see every single little detail as some would have you believe.  

This is a myth that stops so many people from following their dreams - the idea that you need to have each and every detail specifically mapped out otherwise your dream won't manifest.  This is just not true.

There will be details of your vision of true financial freedom that are very specific to you, and others that are more of a 'feeling'.  Like having a more peaceful life, less chaotic, or being more creative, even if the actual creative activity is not clear to you just now.  Flow with it, don't force this, it will all unfold in it's perfect time.

Another myth is that you need to review this every day or even twice a day, but I don't believe you do - unless you want to.  The most powerful thing you can do now is allow it to manifest in it's own time, without trying to control the outcome.

This Is Where The Magic Lies...

This is where the magic happens.  Now that you have an idea of what it is you really want in your life, let go and let the Universe bring it to you.  Follow inspiration, be open to opportunities and see that as you focus more on being in alignment with your true self, things manifest so much more easily. 

Money will flow as you need it to build your ideal lifestyle - this is true financial freedom.   It's simply having an abundance of money in your life to live it your way.

When you're in a place of being free around your money, when you allow it to flow and your happiness is not governed by how much you have in the bank - that, to my mind, is true financial freedom.

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