Prosperity Affirmations Do Work If You Know How To Use Them!

An empty beach where you've left your sunhat and shoes while you cool off in the blue ocean is the perfect vision for your prosperity affirmaitons

Prosperity affirmations are the perfect tool for free spirits who want to work magic around their finances. 

They're short, easy to create, and you can create them to fit your free spirited personality, using words that inspire and make you feel happy.

Affirmations around prosperity  are simply statements that affirm the abundance you want to experience in your life, and help you to focus on that, pushing out thoughts of lack.

But, as simple as that sounds, you can’t just slap a few words together and then wait for the outcome.  Just by saying ‘I am a millionaire’ every now and then you (probably) won’t become a millionaire.  But with a little bit of introspection and a big dose of authenticity you can make some big changes with a few little words.

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How Do Prosperity Affirmations Work?

When you affirm something, you're basically saying that you believe it to be true.  When you do that often enough, it seeps into your consciousness and that's when your prosperity affirmations start coming to life.

You begin to see things that reflect this belief more and more, eventually it can become a game because no sooner have you affirmed something, than you see some kind of reflection in your outer world.

It may not be the exact thing that you affirmed, but it will be a representation.  For example, if your prosperity affirmation is 'Money flows into my life in wonderful ways' - you may immediately see a billboard with a picture of money.

At this point - don't be discouraged - it's just a representation of what you will see in your reality, if you continue to plant this affirmation into your consciousness by repeating it regularly.

The billboard was simply a wink from the Universe...

Prosperity affirmations also don't have to be specifically about money - they just need to affirm your willingness to believe that prosperity and abundance is available to you.

I life in a loving, abundant, harmonious Universe, and I am grateful.

~ Louise Hay ~

The Best Prosperity Affirmations Come From You...

There are lots of websites that have lists of affirmations all ready and waiting for you – but in my opinion you are better off composing your own.

Why?  Because you will be personally connected to them, which makes them far more powerful.

The best way to compile some personal prosperity affirmations is to think about a situation that’s not working in your life and then devise a statement that turns it completely on it’s negative head, like this....

Let’s say you feel you don’t earn enough money.  First of all get clear on why you think that  – maybe you work long hours and don’t get paid overtime, or your commission doesn’t reflect the hard work you put in, or perhaps your business needs more clients.  Whatever it is, get clear on your reason and then just reverse it.

So saying 'I hate my job and I don’t get paid enough' can be turned into 'I do what I love and I get paid in abundance to do it!'. Or you can be specific if you like.  For example 'I get paid at least $5000 per month doing what I love'.

You can also condense your ideal situation into a positive statement worded as though it's already happened.  For instance, if you want to start your own business, your affirmation could be ‘I earn more than enough to live life my way, doing what I love every day’.

Thoughts become things...... Choose the good ones!  

~ Mike Dooley ~

Why I Use Affirmations

I use affirmations because they work!

A few years ago I was completely dissatisfied with my job and my income.  After reading a few books I decided on an affirmation ‘I earn at least $20,000 per month in multiple currencies running an Internet business I can run from anywhere.  This was a real stretch for me at the time, but I felt it was possible even though I’d never earned that much before and I'd never run an Internet business before.

At first I was doubtful whether this would work – was I just kidding myself?  But I persisted.  Within 8 months a friend I hadn’t spoken to for ages contacted me about an Internet business that had launched internationally and 6 months later I was earning more than $20,000 every month in multiple currencies!

Affirmations take longer to work if you’re holding any doubt about them and that was definitely the case in this example.  But if you persist you’ll gradually stretch your mind and it will start to seem not only possible but inevitable.

But here's a caution.  I forgot to add something about 'doing what I love'.  Because the truth is, I manifested exactly what I stated, but I didn't love what I was doing... so the end result was not what I wanted and ultimately it wasn't really much fun at all.

10 Ways To Get The Most From Your Prosperity Affirmations


Always put them into the first person (‘I’) and in the present tense as though it’s already happening: ‘I have an abundance of money flowing to me with ease’.


Never affirm ‘I will have’ because then it will always be in the future.  


Always affirm in the positive, not the negative. For example ‘I have no more debt’ could be ‘All my accounts are in a positive balance’ instead.


Avoid using any negative words such as ‘debt’ even in a positive statement.  If your affirmation is ‘I’ve paid all my debts’ it still makes you think about debt!


Your job is to focus on the end result not on working out how your desired change will come about.  Affirmations can work in unexpected ways and by insisting the situation changes the way you expect it to can limit your results.  So your job is only to say, for example "I now prosper doing work I love" without worrying about what that work is or how it will come about.


Say your affirmations out loud as much as possible and repeat them often until each one becomes a mantra. Every time you start thinking about the situation you don’t want immediately repeat the relevant affirmation until you start to automatically think it every time that situation comes to mind.


Writing them down in your journal is another way to have them become part of your consciousness.  Writing has an ability to connect body and mind because the whole of your physical and mental being is engaged in the act.  


If any of them become stale, or feel inauthentic, enquire within why that is – perhaps you haven’t quite nailed your intent in that area, or perhaps something has changed since you created it.  Then alter it so it authentically reflects your desire.


Infuse them with emotion.  Clarity on how you want to feel is another great way to finding prosperity affirmations that will work for you.  If you want to feel peace, or joy, or even relief around your money and prosperity, imagine situations that would make you feel like that and see what words come up to use in your affirmation...  Then feel that when you say it, by imagining that it's already happened as you do so.  


You must find the happy medium between being connected to your affirmations and letting go of any desperation that they come to fruition or trying to work out how it will happen.  In other words, you need to let go of basing your happiness on the outcome you desire or figuring out what to do next.  Just allow them to float off into the Universe and trust that the best outcome for all will present itself soon.

My Favorite Examples

Some examples of my own favourite prosperity affirmations are:

  • I am divinely guided, protected and provided for at all times
  • Money comes to me easily in increasing quantities and I love it!
  • I earn abundantly for doing what I love
  • Money is my friend and is always there when I need it 
  • Money appears in my life in great avalanches of abundance

There are some wonderful authors who have written some powerful prosperity affirmations which you can use if you're struggling to write your own.  I can highly recommend:

A Different Angle..

Sometimes, if a situation is too emotionally charged it can be hard to let go of being attached to its manifestation.  In that case there is another way you can go about this - and it's just as powerful.

I saw an interview with Mike Dooley (author of Notes From The Universe) where he explained that his most effective affirmation was ‘Happy Spiritual International Millionaire’.  He created it by thinking about what he wanted in his life:

Lots of friends & laughter = Happy

A connection to spirit = Spiritual

To travel the world = International

To be prosperous = Millionaire

It obviously worked because that is exactly what he is!  If this type of overarching affirmation appeals more to you – then use the same formula for yourself. Create your own prosperity affirmations the way they feel good to you and remember to keep it simple and don't over complicate the process….

The Bottom Line?

The main ingredient is that you need to be authentic, only stating what you truly want from your heart.  Trying to manipulate things or other people won't work, as well as being overly attached to the outcome.

Keeping your affirmations simple, straight from your heart and with good intent for all is the key to creating powerful prosperity affirmations.

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