Money Goals - Focus On Joy

When setting financial goals, nstead of focusing on the money, focus on what would make you feel joyful...

Money goals are a necessity if you want to fund your free spirited lifestyle, right?

Well I’ve got a confession to make.  I’ve always been a little lukewarm about goals to be honest, or the way we have traditionally been told to set them anyway.

If I do ever set any kind of money goals, paradoxically, I don't set goals around how much money I want.  I decide first what it is I want to experience, which is far more inspiring. 

The idea of $1M in the bank may sound cool... but ask yourself - what do you want that money for - and do you really need that much? 

It's a lot easier to be excited about experiences your money will bring you than it is about just the money itself.

The Power Of Intention

The Universe Has Your Back

True Financial Freedom

But like me, a lot of you may have challenges around goals, financial or otherwise…  We’ve all done it before, either at New Year or after experiencing some kind of ‘wake up call’ in our life we decide that things must change and we set some goals.

Mostly the actions we decide we need to take to achieve these goals last for a couple of months (if that) before they are abandoned.  It's weird.  I mean how can something that is going to improve your life so dramatically, suddenly get so hard to do?

I believe it's because the process has no flow or grace to it. It's generally based on shoulds and musts, and forcing yourself to do something you don't really want to, in order to get an end result that you think you do.

Your soul, your spirit or whatever name want to give that inner, more expansive part of you, is bored to death with the way you’ve been taught go about achieving money goals. 

It’s so…. limiting!

I mean you’re setting a vision for your future based only on what you already know. There's no room for the possibilities out there, that haven't even entered your consciousness yet... Beautiful, wonderful, exciting things that will make your heart sing!

And therein lies my ambivalence around setting goals the traditional way – money goals, personal goals, career goals… any goal.

You need to give yourself more creative space, let in more magic and be more free-flowing around the whole process than we've been taught.  Stop setting your goals within your known experience and really open up to your heart's desires - even if they seem impossible right now.

Achieve Money Goals With Ease

Envision a life you love, then set your goals to reflect that

Here's my experience.  I’ve strived for goals before and reached them.  But most of the time I've hated the journey, and whilst I've had a brief woohoo! moment when they were achieved, I felt kind of empty afterwards… that feeling of - 'is this it?'  Hollow victory.

So I started thinking back to an earlier time when life seemed to be a breeze and everything I wanted pretty much, came to me… and quite often far better things materialized, things I hadn’t even thought of. 

I started to seriously question… what was I doing, how was I feeling and what did I want at that moment that brought those things to me??

Here’s what I found out.

In every instance when I achieved a goal without struggle and force, I had really been focusing on how I would feel… the essence of how I would be – as in carefree, abundant, joyful… when it manifested.  

In other words, my vibration was in alignment with what I wanted to experience.

I generally had an idea of what I thought would cause those feelings and so I played with that, but I wasn't attached to it being that way

I daydreamed about it, whilst at the same time feeling happy with my life the way it was.  I felt no kind of attachment to receiving the object of my desires, other than it would be such fun, exciting or joyful.

Through this completely unstructured and seemingly haphazard method I created a pretty awesome life, moment by moment.  If I changed my mind about wanting something… like I found out that perhaps it wouldn’t be as much fun as I thought, I just shifted my focus to whatever else seemed to hold the most joy for me.

I created amazing experiences, met wonderful people, always got the great job, travelled all over the place. I was financially abundant, had lots of friends and loving close relationships.  Life was fun and I was loving it.

It got to the stage when I really only had to decide what I wanted in this way and I KNEW it would happen.

The only real purpose of a goal is to inspire you to fall more deeply in love with life.

- Michael Neil -

But then something changed and I got to see the contrast between that way of manifesting and the structured idea of goal setting.

I learned how to set goals.

And because I had no idea what I had been doing previously, because it had been intuitive, not conscious, I stopped allowing it to happen this way and started to work at it instead.  

I learned about setting huge goals and striving to reach them, planning HOW to have them happen and working like a beaver trying to control everything in order to achieve them..

I did get results.  But I hated the journey most of the time, I wasn’t really fulfilled with the results, and to cut a long story short, I ended up crashing and burning.

It's only after this happened that I realised - hang on a minute, life used to be so much more fun and productive before all this planning and stressing and working hard.  

That's when the difference between the two ways of manifesting my dreams became apparent.  I saw the contrast and reconnected with my intuitive way of attaining goals.

And you can do that too.

The Wrong Kind Of Focus...

Something that contributes to the stress of achieving goals and can actually keep them from manifesting, is the idea that you should spend every minute you can focusing, visualizing and thinking about your goal.

If you find yourself constantly thinking about them naturally - that's absolutely great.  Daydreaming while stuck in traffic, or in a boring meeting is perfect! 

But this idea of forcing yourself to think about them in order to manifest them, just doesn't work.  It goes against everything I was talking about before.  There is no FORCE when it comes to powerfully manifesting money goals, or any goals.

Having to focus consistently on your goals to make them happen is actually counter productive. 

One should not visualize or force a mental picture.  When he demands the Divine Design to come into his conscious mind, he will receive flashes of inspiration, and begin to see himself making some great accomplishment.  This is the picture or the idea, he must hold without wavering.

- Florence Scovel Shinn -

It’s perfect to be excited about your vision, but if you feel you have to keep forcing a picture of it in your mind, reading about it every day… it smacks of desperation, lack and a fear that it won’t manifest if you don’t constantly remind yourself/the universe that this is what you want. 

It will also lead to you feeling desperate.  Feeling attached to manifesting it and afraid of not succeeding.  And that can only push what you want further away.

Tap Into The Ease Of Setting Your Money Goals

Next time you want to achieve a specific outcome in your life, perhaps try this instead...

Rather than setting a goal, set an intention… feel the difference in the energy of that… and then let it go… go live your life, have more fun… 

Letting go is a far more positive way of stating – my intention is on it’s way, until I get a message about something I have to do to have it come into my reality, I will go and do other things that I enjoy…

It’s demonstrating faith and trust in your ability to co-create with the Universe and have what you want. 

You can also ‘dig your ditches’ which is living your life as though your intention is already here or imminent, or 'acting as if' you already have what it is you desire.

Buy the doormat for your new house (only if you see one you love), buy a  key ring for the keys to the new car you’re going to buy.  But do these things with a kind of light-hearted detachment.  Do NOT get attached to the outcome.  Cultivate a knowing that the best outcome for all is on it’s way.. and leave it at that…

Start With The End In Mind

The bottom line is, simply connect with the feeling you want to ultimately experience.  Forget about how you're going to make that happen - because that's not your job.  When you do this, and let go of trying to work out how, naturally the best, easiest and most fun way will flow to you with ease.

It's all a game, your life was never meant to be full of struggle and rigid guidelines, it was only meant for you to find your own way to pure joy so you can inspire others to do the same..

The bottom line is have more fun, tap into your free-spirited nature don't be so attached to your money goals.  Only do what feels good to you, don't make it a chore, or do something just because someone else said it has to be done...

Be real with yourself about what you truly desire and you'll see the vision for your ideal life start to manifest, without stressing around money goals.

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