Get Into The Flow With Inspired Action

Get in the flow with inspired action..

Taking inspired action will turn your life from struggle, overwhelm and exhaustion to one of ease, flow and joy....

But what exactly is inspired action?

We all know that in order to achieve anything, at some point we need to get into action.   But what tends to happen is that instead of waiting for inspiration as to the right way to go about it, we feel we have to go and do something now to make it happen.

Doing, doing, doing is NOT the way to freedom.  Yes, there are times when you will be in a flurry of action, inspired and feverish!  Then there will be times when you’re at rest, when there is no action that is calling you from your heart.  There are also times when you get a little foggy on what to do next.

Let this be, don’t beat yourself up.  You need the ‘down’ times to refresh and for new ideas to come to you… it’s the cycle of life.

There is a huge difference between forced action ‘I should do this (even though I don’t really want to)’ and inspired action ‘hey – that sounds like a great idea’

Follow Your Bliss

Try An Online Journal

The Power Of Belief

I’m sure many of you have heard the saying ‘we’re human beings not human doings’ and it’s true – but once we've made a decision, we always seem to go into 'doing' - we feel we must get busy.  Most of us find it very hard, at that point, to just sit back and do nothing! 

It seems counter intuitive, right?

But here’s the thing - unless you do that, you miss the signals that will show you the way to achieving your goals with ease, flow and joy.

Wow, sounds great hey?  Ease, flow and joy... but I can already feel your brain starting to get all fired up.  ‘That’s not how things work.  In order to attain anything worth having in life you have to take massive action and work HARD!’

Yes you do – and you don't.  Let me explain....

Forced Action vs Inspired Action...

Forced Action

This is the kind of action that you take for the sole purpose of making something happen.   There’s no joy in it, but more of a feeling of ‘I have to do this’ or that you should do it. Mostly it’s a result of you feeling like you should just do something  You can get results from this kind of action of course, but generally it’s hard work, you don’t enjoy it and sometimes you even resent it.

And here’s the thing.  When you force action – you not only work hard, it’s also frustrating, you don’t feel good and you tend to get minimal results.

Forcing action feels like pushing a rock up a steep hill with a stick.  You take two steps forwards and five backwards.  Obstacles pop up all over the place and everything always seems a struggle.

Some of these challenges may seem unrelated to what you’re doing, but they hold you back from the result you’re after.  For example your computer crashes and your document hasn’t saved, or you get an unexpected bill just when you need money to further your goal.

In my experience this kind of action also tends to lead to results that aren’t really what I want in the end. Because I’ve been so caught up in my head about ‘how’ to get it, I haven’t paid attention to whether I really want it or not. 

Inspired Action

This is the kind of action you take for the sheer joy of it.  You’re following the natural flow of your energy… you feel inspired to act in a certain way, to go somewhere or call someone and the results seem to come with ease.

Feels better already, doesn't it?

Inspired action is always something you feel drawn to do.  Sometimes at first glance, it may not even seem related to your desired outcome, but if you feel a real pull to do it and you act on it - it can lead to results better than you imagined.  This kind of action is joyful, fun and you love to do it, and it’s usually accompanied by high energy, and feelings of excitement and enthusiasm.

You’ll work harder than you’ve ever done - but it won’t feel like work.  You feel like you could do it all day (and often do!), things happen with ease, people and circumstances turn up to help you on your way.  Everything just flows.  Even hiccups turn out to be blessings, showing you a quicker or better path, or a slightly different result that is even better than you originally planned. 

To top it off, you always do your best work and get the best results when you’re taking inspired action.  You’re in the right place at the right time, happy coincidences happen and synchronicity pops up all over the place.

It's Not Always Easy!

One misconception about taking inspired action is that it’s always easy.  Sometimes that’s not true.  Sometimes it makes you a bit nervous and you procrastinate a little… but there is always a niggly feeling in the back of your mind that this feels like the right thing to do.

The way to know is to put aside the fear for a moment, pretend that you cannot fail and see how you feel for that brief moment that you can suspend your negative chatter…  Then it’s very, very simple.  If it feels GOOD (even if a little scary) it’s a good thing.  If it feels yuk, boring, a should do, or something you’d hate to do, it’s not the thing to be doing now – even if it seems like the logical next step. 

And sometimes it’s not the action that is wrong, it’s just the timing, but if you wait until tomorrow… you may find that any negativity around it has dissipated and off you go!

I always hold off on any action when I feel resistance.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s just the fear factor, or that the action itself is not advisable.  Usually within a day or two – or even hours – I get clarity on whether to follow that path or not. 

Inspired action is the way of ease and flow.

You can develop an awareness of this kind of guidance by paying attention to how you feel about taking action in certain situations, whether it feels forced or inspired.

Work with small decisions to start with.  For example, let’s say you’ve arranged to meet up with a friend, but when the day arrives, you get a strong feeling that you don’t want to go.  Make a decision either way and journal the outcome.  Quite often if you honour your feelings and call to rearrange your meeting, you find that your friend was also not feeling up to it, or something else had come up.

As you get good at recognizing the difference between forced and inspired action in little things like that, you will be able to gain better clarity around more important situations.

The Most Important Thing...

The main thing to remember is that you can reach your goal two ways.  You can ‘make’ things happen with a lot of struggle, hard work and sheer determination… or you can live in the flow and manifest far more than you ever imagined with ease by taking inspired action.

If you want to know more about living this way - about being in tune with yourself and creating a live you love, I'm giving away the first part of my brand new course free.  Download your copy now:

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