Tap Into The Magic of Using a Vision Board

A vision board (or a dream board) can be a very simple, but powerful tool that assists in the manifestation of a life that is calling to you.

If you’re a visual person, if seeing pictures of what you aspire to excites you and makes you happy, then this is a great way to keep in touch with your vision.

It’s power lies in the fact that because it's visible all the time, even if you’re not consciously engaged with it by looking at it, your subconscious mind is taking it in anyway.

In the forward to Joyce Schwarz’s excellent book (and I can't recommend this book highly enough!) The Vision Board, Bob Proctor says “I recommend using a vision board more than any other method of visualization.  It’s an excellent method for helping you attract the good you desire – in all areas of your life”.

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If you travel often you can also set up your vision board to be more portable by either making an online version, or you can take a photo of your physical one and use it as a screensaver.  Another way to make it portable is to put all the pictures into a plastic sheet folder so you can carry it with you.

I think it's best have the original version as a poster on your wall though, so you see it often and then make one to travel with you if you are away from home a lot.

Making a Vision Board

You'll find a lot of advice about how to make your own.  Most of it starts with telling you to  gather together a lot of magazines, page through and cut out the pictures that appeal to you and put them on your board.

I don't agree with this approach because you’re going to see pictures of all kinds of things that look great and in the moment they may seem like things you would want in your life.

But the idea of a vision board is to support you in reaching your goals, or your vision of your ideal life and it's very easy to get sidetracked by all sorts of cool stuff that, if you're honest with yourself, you don't really want... Or it's not a priority right now.

I find a better approach is to first of all get clear on your goals - where do you want to travel, what state of mind do you want to experience (being inspired, focused, successful, joyful etc), what kind of activities do you want to be involved in.  Then find pictures that speak to you of that, or even just the words themselves.

It may take longer to build your board this way, but it will speak to you much more powerfully than just coming across a picture of a beautiful yacht and sticking it up there, when in fact you really have no desire to sail.

I know for sure what we dwell on is what we become

- Oprah Winfrey -

Another good idea is to put a picture of yourself on the board – one where you are happy and smiling.  This helps to connect you with the other things on the board.  You can also paste affirmations and motivational quotes around your picture.

You don’t only have to pin up pictures of material things.  If, for example, you’ve recently moved and want to make some new friends, pin up pictures of yourself surrounded by groups of people enjoying themselves, doing things that you want to do, like having a beach party, walking on a hiking trail or having a meal together.

Really you can do anything with your board.  Have fun with the process – don’t try to complete your board in one day, just add to it as you find the right pictures and make it really ‘speak’ to you for maximum effect.

Create An Instant Vision Board ....

For an almost instant and portable vision board - use Pinterest.  If you don't already have an account it will take you 5 minutes (at the most) to open one and start your board. 

Then you can start saving pictures on your board from within Pinterest, or from most places on the internet.

You can also keep it private just make it a 'secret' board...  I have to say that this is now my favourite way to make a vision board because it's fast, easy and you can find pictures of pretty much anything you want - you can even upload your own photos.

When A Vision Board Doesn’t Work…

Having said all the above, there is something I want to clarify.  I’ve heard some people say that vision boards just don’t work and you've probably heard that too…

My answer to that is – if you plaster up pictures of everything you see that looks like something nice to have or do, and then wait for them to appear, then it probably won’t work

If it’s not a true desire of yours to own a large sprawling house, there is no point in putting it up there – because the chances of attaining it if you’re not emotionally inspired by the idea of having it are slim.  And even if you do – it won't make you happy anyway.

On the flip side - if you're overly emotionally attached to things on the board to the point of desperation, you are more likely to repel what you’re trying to attract.  This is simply because that feeling is more about your current lack of it than it is about the excitement of having it.

I read somewhere and I can’t remember where now, that the act of putting a vision board together – an authentic one – and then dismantling it again, or storing it in a place where you won’t see it can actually be really successful. 

Again, this has to do with letting go, of not being overly attached to the outcome.  It’s a fine balance between knowing what you want in your life, but letting it go and not obsessing about it.

I know it seems like a paradox.  But try to feel the difference. 

For example, imagine you really want to go on a holiday and swim with wild dolphins.  You can do some research and find where you would love to go and put up some pictures on your vision board. Then let go.   Be happy and grateful for your life as it is with or without the holiday.

The Bottom Line…

Here's the best way to know what approach is going to work for you...

If looking at the pictures on your vision board excites you and puts you in a great mood for the rest of the day – then keep it in a prominent place.

But if it sends you into a feeling of despair because you don’t really feel you can achieve the things on there – put it away, or take those pictures off again and leave them in a drawer.  The act of collecting the pictures in the first place has demonstrated your desire, putting them away is letting go of having to control the outcome.

Everyone reacts differently to things.   And the easiest way of discerning how this will work for you best, is how you are feeling – so take note and act accordingly.

Remember, it’s your personal journey.  If you’ve never put a vision board together before, give it a go and see if it’s something that will work for you.

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