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Personal development books come in lots of different forms, covering a large range of topics, with one thing in common – they cause you to grow in one way or another. 

One of the most important aspects of embracing your free spirit is how you perceive what is happening both inside and outside of yourself. 

So it makes sense that reading personal development books is going to help you over any blockages you may have when working towards financial freedom.

There are literally thousands of fabulous books out there that support many of the subjects on this site, and will assist you to recognize and shift aspects of yourself and your thinking that have sabotaged your path to freedom in the past.

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Personal Development Books To Feed Your Mind...

Below are some of my favorite personal development books, and I highly recommend reading them.

By clicking on the images below you will go straight to where you can purchase these books if you like.  I will earn a small affiliate fee if you choose to do so.  However all the books listed are my personal recommendations and have helped me in some way or other.


Living in gratitude will shift how you look at life and in turn, how life shows up for you, including money.  The books below are the best of the best in this category...


Being open to recognizing and receiving abundance in your life is a big step to understanding there is enough and letting go of an attitude of lack.  And once you can do that you can embrace amazing freedom around everything, including money.


Our beliefs can support or hijack us – they form the backbone of how we perceive our world and therefore how we experience it.


Visualization is an ancient art, but recently there have been some incredible studies done that show how effective it is in helping us to reach our goals…

Fear & Change

Understanding and overcoming fear in all it's forms is a vital part of changing your financial situation.  We are naturally averse to change as it appears risky since we have to step outside of our comfort zone in order to deal with it. 

Metaphysical Money Books

Understanding the spiritual laws of money can give you clarity on some of your own behaviors that are not supporting your journey to wealth and abundance.


Sometimes it’s not a belief that’s holding us back so much as the fact that we’re holding on to pain or anger that we hold someone else responsible for, or that we have inflicted upon ourselves. Forgiveness clears the energy around any blame and leaves us clear to go on and create success in our lives.


In shifting our own perceptions of abundance and success in life, it's good to read about others' experiences, as well as being to understand the natural laws that govern that.  Of course not all successful people are spiritual, but often they unwittingly follow spiritual laws in their quest for success.


These compilation books are a fantastic way to review books in each genre before you go out and buy the ones that resonate with you.  There is enough in each synopsis for you to walk away with some valuable information, but not enough to bore you if the book in question is not your style.

Read Personal Development Books Daily

Reading personal development books on any subject is always of benefit no matter what your end goal is.  Because when you truly understand yourself, you understand the world around you, and you realise that in fact there is no 'out there' because everything that occurs in your life is related to how you think about what you see.

Choose books you want to read - not ones you think you 'should'  Like everything else, trust your inner guidance and the right books for you will always appear.

If you want to get started straight away choose one of the free PDF books here that you can download straight to your computer right now.

Whatever personal development books you choose will be the right ones for you.

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