Intuition - The Lost Art Of Listening Within

Call it what you like, following your heart, gut instinct, it’s all the same thing – intuition - that all-seeing all-knowing part of us that quietly sends us ideas and feelings that we long to follow – but often don’t.

That’s because we’ve let our rational minds and the outside world control us – we’ve lost the art of listening within.

As a result, we’re operating on false information.  We trust other people more than we trust ourselves.  We often try and become someone else – someone who fits in better, who agrees with the consensus and therefore is seen as one of the crowd.

The trouble with that of course is that you lose yourself eventually and start living your life on other people’s terms, losing touch with what it is you actually want and what it is you came here to do.

Words Create Your World

The Universe Has Your Back

Free From Self Judgement

When you tap into your intuitive feelings, you’re connected to the perfect, unlimited part of yourself, the deep spiritual essence of who you really are.  And not only that – you’re connected to your deepest longings and guided to the easiest, most fun way to bring your dreams to life.

Living life using your intuition and imagination to guide you will give you the ability to effortlessly connect with the Universe, the non-physical world that is limitless, where the solution to every problem you’ve ever encountered is present.

Intuition Is Not Logical

Some time ago I was looking for somewhere to live.  I kept seeing an advert for a cottage that was in the area that I wanted to live in, but there were no photos and the description just didn’t sound like it would suit me. It was priced really low, so I kept disregarding it, because my logical mind said – it must be horrible because otherwise they’d show photos and it wouldn’t be so cheap.  

Yet each time I looked there it was again and for some reason I felt pulled towards it.

Eventually I got desperate and there was the advert again.  So I thought, well, let me just go and see this place.

As I drove there my spirits rose, the streets I was traveling through were beautiful, the closer I got, the more beautiful they became, until I found the property I was going to see.  

I parked outside, and walked through the gate and found a wonderful, slightly wild garden inside (I love wild!) – and a huge block (great for my pets).  I met the owner’s daughter who showed me through and as soon as I walked in I knew I loved it.  It was perfect.  

I love walking in nature with my dog, and on doing some research of the area that evening, I discovered a greenbelt literally a minute’s walk from my entrance to the property.  Two days later I got the call to say I’d been successful in my application and the place was mine - I ended up living there for years.  I called it my Magic Cottage :)

The point is, there was some part of me that knew – this is exactly what you’re looking for.  Stop wasting time with all the other places and go and see this. But it wasn’t logical – I didn’t believe those feelings.  Luckily for me, intuition just keeps on nudging and eventually I gave in.  And thank heavens I did!

The Easy Life

The result of ignoring your intuition, of not listening within to that small voice that is all too easy to drown out in our busy lives, is that we lose confidence in ourselves.

We second guess our decisions all the time, we trust outside advice more than we trust our own wisdom, we trust what we see rather than what we feel.  

Consequently we end up in situations that are not really meant for us, situations that make us miserable and also make us feel as though we’re somehow lacking, where others are thriving.

But it’s not the truth.  We're being fed a lie.  So many of the people you think ‘have it all’ are secretly dying inside.  They’re putting on a show but, sadly sooner or later it catches up with them.  They too are living life on someone else's terms and in the end they feel hollow and lost.  Their life looks great on the outside, but it's not fulfilling their inner calling.

"Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way."

- Florence Scovel Shinn -

Simply by listening within, you can avoid ending up in that situation, and as an added bonus, life becomes easier and far less stressful.  

But (there's always a 'but'!) it does take trust.  You have to let go and trust that you are being guided to the best outcome, even when sometimes it doesn't seem like it.  The irony is, if you're really tapped in and following your intuition no matter how illogical the message seems, there is no such thing as a mistake.  

What we call 'mistakes' are just the Universe sending us learning opportunities, situations that teach us what we need to know so that even better things can come our way.

So, when you follow your intuition, you may end up in a situation that doesn’t seem to be ideal at the time, but looking back you will always see that in fact it was perfect – you learned some invaluable lesson and ended up in a better situation than you ever would have if everything had gone your way.

I always had this niggling pull to start a dog walking business.  I love dogs and I love walking in nature.  But it took a big breakdown to forcibly remove me from a situation where I was really unhappy, so that I finally had the freedom to follow that niggle.

The outcome was that for 5 years I walked with dogs in nature – loving every day, until it was time to move on from that too.

So, next time you’re faced with a decision, be quiet and stop trying to use your intellect to work it out.  

Listen and feel within to that small, but insistent voice or feeling – then trust it and take a chance - follow it and see what happens.  My guess is that you’ll be astounded by how things work out better than you imagined they could.

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