Take Off The Mask And Live Life Your Way

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How to live life your way by allowing your free spirit to shine through is the basis of what I feel I'm here to share with you, it's my mission if you like.  And it's always been that way.

So I often get emails and messages from people who have read about my journey that lead me to live life my way – but they want to know the actual steps I took to build a bridge from where I was to where I am now, so they can do the same.

And you’re probably wondering about that too.

So, I took everything I'd learned, everything I went through to get to where I am now... and distilled it into 5 simple steps.

The essence is, to live life your way you need to reconnect to your free spirit and understand who you really are.  This is the only way to truly thrive and live your life to the full.  

And it's a deeply personal journey, but everyone that I’ve spoken to and worked with has gone through exactly the same steps – even if they didn’t realise it at the time. 

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How To Live Life Your Way - From Trapped To Free In 5 Simple Steps...

1. Understand your true nature. 

The first and (and maybe obvious) step is to be honest with yourself about who you really are - what is your true nature? 

For example are you naturally carefree and gentle, but you've found yourself in the dog eat dog world of corporate business?  Or perhaps you're vibrant and creative, but you're stuck in a mundane office job?  It doesn't have to be about work - but this is an example of where to start looking

From that you can start to build a picture  of what it is you truly desire for your life, not what other people think, or society deems important. 

Some things may be obvious, others not so much, so ask yourself the following questions:

  • What have I given up on in my life that saddens me?
  • What is it I yearn for, even though I feel it’s out of reach or impossible?
  • When I'm alone and my mind is free to wander – where does it go?
  • What situations in my life now make me happiest?
  • What situations in my life now make my soul whither?

Journal about the answers you get, almost to the point of having a conversation with yourself.  You’ll find often that as you write it just keeps flowing out of you… and more things come to light than the original thought you’re writing about. 

This is not about doing anything, it’s just about discovering and getting clarity - going deeper so you can start to feel what your soul is calling for.

2. Embrace who you truly are.

Treasure what you discover - your free spirit, the adventurous side of you, the quirky (and previously hidden) sense of dress perhaps – let them be seen!  Embrace all of you – even those that parts others maybe don’t understand. That’s OK, they don’t need to, because it’s your unique expression and it’s perfect!

Remember, this is about you living life your way...

Start expressing the things you’ve held back, slowly and in small steps if necessary (although I always like to make a clean sweep – like ripping the plaster off in one hit).  But however it works for you, let go of the mask and show your true identity.  You may be surprised at the outcome. 

I thought that people would be alienated when I turned out not to be exactly who they thought I was.  Actually what happened is that people warmed to me even more, as if my authenticity made me more trustworthy and easier to connect with.  You’ll find the same as well, and those that don’t – that’s fine too – they weren’t meant to be in your life anyway.

Realise that what you’re seeking is seeking you.  Because we're all unique, there are some things that will only come to pass through YOU.  Therefore, that idea you have, or path you want to walk needs YOU to bring it to life. 

3. Find the courage to live life your way

Once you’ve spent some time on the above two steps (the length of time is completely up to you), you’ll start longing to find your own perfect self-expression.  Whether it’s a new job, a business or just a different lifestyle to the one you’ve forced yourself into. 

Be open to opportunities, be aware and watchful for signs that call you to do something specific. These will lead you to what is right for you.

Usually these signs will be surprising coincidences – wow, I was just thinking about this yesterday – it’s often a sudden thought that pops into your head; but it may come in the form of a book you see, or something a friend says or even just a strong desire to do something that leads to meeting someone who reminds you of something.

The courage will come when you begin to trust these situations as messages that support you, when you realise that you’re being guiding to the best way forward.  The more this happens, the more your trust will grow, and that gives you the courage to move in directions that perhaps you hadn’t dared to before.  It only has to be baby steps, small, tiny little movements in the direction you’re guided to. 

Disconnect from what others say you should do and begin to trust yourself and the messages you receive.

4. Connect with your hidden brilliance

Have you heard of light shadows before?  Light shadows are the genius you’ve suppressed, usually because it wasn’t safe to show those parts of you. 

Perhaps your leadership qualities were labelled as ‘bossy’, or your sharp mind labelled ‘know it all’.  I was told not to talk about things I’d done well, in case people thought I was ‘showing off’.  It’s happened to all of us.  So find those brilliant sparks inside you and nurture them…  They are another lead to your perfect self-expression. 

One of the easiest ways to recognise your light shadows, is by noticing what you project onto others.  Think of all the people you really admire, what qualities about them do you absolutely love and wish you had?  Well guess what?  You do.  Those are your light shadows. 

You’ve been hiding your brilliance, but it’s safe to shine now – in fact it’s imperative.

5. Living in the flow – the universe has your back

This is when things start to really get interesting! 

It turns out that when you do all of the above, and start moving in the direction of even seemingly impossible dreams, the universe sets it up so you always have what you need.  Sometimes only at the last minute though, so beware! 

The money you need may only come literally within hours of you needing it, but come it will.  The same with people, situations, houses, new friends, even (sometimes) hiccups - because you need to course correct.

This is being in the flow.  Spirit is your supply, not you or your job… you are only the channel. 

Your only work is to do the first 4 steps in whatever small ways you can.  You are always provided for – the Universe always has your back, you just need to allow it by getting out of your own way.  When you try to control the outcomes, you’ll stall the process, so always be aware of only doing your part, and letting go of the rest.

This is when you truly thrive.  Not just money, but health, love and perfect self-expression all flow to you, and combine to allow you to live life your way.

These 5 steps are all you need to reconnect to your free spirit, that part of you that you've hidden for so long.  Letting your true nature come out of the dark will naturally lead you to live life your way and will completely change your life.  You'll be dazzled by who you really are. 

That statement may sound a little over the top - but it's true.  Living life your way isn't just some hazy ideal.... its the very essence of building a life where you thrive. A life that allows you to shine because you're using your natural talents that lay hidden before.

Get Out Of The Way...

Please understand this though, your work is not in making this happen, but in getting out of your own way and allowing it to happen through you.

Be careful of this, because we’re so programmed to DO all the time – mostly without actually thinking it through, we rush into action.  And it can be surprisingly difficult not to do anything. 

We’ve been told ‘massive action gets results’.  It may do, but how much fun is it?   And often you find after some time that you’ve been rushing down the wrong path anyway and all that hard labor has only brought you unhappiness and stress. 

Far better to wait for divine instructions (inspiration) and then simply do what comes naturally and easily to you.  What could be more fun than that?

Following these steps will also bring you everything you need in abundance -  an unlimited supply that flows to you with least effort.

How Long Will It Take?

This is a process so let it take as long as it takes.  Don’t rush it, and don’t prolong it unnecessarily either.  

Sometimes situations aren’t ready for you to step into, so you need to wait around in the void for a while, and sometimes things are just right for you to move forward immediately. So allow yourself whatever time is needed – you will know what this is as you start to travel along this path.

And finally - remember that connecting to your free spirit and allowing yourself to express what is in your heart is the way to truly thrive.  So live life your way because that is the path to a life well lived.

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