Be Do Have – The Art Of Creation

Be Do Have - the art of creation...

The BE DO HAVE paradigm is the building block of the creation process.  Think of those times when things just seem to flow with ease - that's when you've been in alignment with this principle without even realising it...

It's so simple.  Just be you - the real, authentic you, then do what you feel inspired intuitively to do, and allow those things that you are then aligned with to manifest in your life.

Most people live life the opposite to Be Do Have, though.  They go about it like this…

If only I had more money, I could pay off my house, then I'd finally be secure, or

If only I had more time, I could spend time in the gym, then I'd finally be healthy, or

If only I had more love in my life,I could really commit to a long term relationship, then I'd finally be happy..

In fact that's upside down…  instead of Be Do Have, it’s HAVE DO BE

So many people think they have to have the thing they want first, before they can be how they want to be.

But the reality is – “having” something does not produce “being” something

In other words, if you feel insecure because you're worried about money, and you think that if you have more of it you'll feel much more secure, I'm here to tell you that you won't.

If you're insecure, you will always find something to feel insecure about.  Having more money may take one avenue of insecurity away, but I promise you, another one will take it's place.

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So how does it work then?

You have to start with the end result – BE secure, healthy or happy NOW, before the actual circumstances you think you need to feel that way have shown up. 

Then act in ways that are in alignment with being this way. 

If you do this, you cannot help but allow things and situations that bring more ways for you to feel the way you want to.

Some time ago I had an experience of this very thing without being conscious of what I was doing.  And I’m sure if you think about it, you have too. 

Be Do Have Reunited Me With My Passion...

When I was younger I had my own horses and I’ve always loved riding.  But at one point in my life I had to give it up.

I really missed it.  But for years (yes, years!) I tried not to think about it and eventually thought of myself as someone who used to ride.  As more years passed I managed to kind of bury how much I missed it.

Then I moved to an area where there were lots of horse properties and people riding horses.  And at first I thought – I wish I had enough money to ride again...

... and as I got more and more in touch with how much I wanted to do that, my thoughts changed to as soon as I have some extra money I’m going to start riding again.  I clearly wasn't following the advice I'm now giving!  But...

...that’s how the magic started…

Because of my surroundings and then my decision, I started to think of myself as a rider again - in the present tense.  Then I found myself looking at adverts for horses to lease, even though I didn’t have the money.  Within weeks I saw a beautiful horse available for lease.  So I thought, well, no harm in looking is there?

I found a beautiful horse to ride using the Be Do Have Principle

I went and tried him out just for the sheer fun of it.. and he was gorgeous.  Before I knew it I had agreed to start leasing him the next month!

In the moment I committed to that I didn’t know where the money would come from… but something just clicked.  As though I had become the person who rode this horse, despite the apparent lack of money.  But of course – it arrived with perfect timing!

I will admit that it gave me a little bit of anxiety to start with. But I know with absolute certainty that if I had waited for the money to appear first before I made that decision, I would still be waiting.  That would have been Have Do Be.

First have the money,  then do (look for the horse),  and finally be - someone who rides horses (and be happy...).

As it was – without realizing it at the time I had just used the Be Do Have principle.

So the big question is… how do YOU do that?

First you'll have to give up all the struggling and forcing.  Get in touch with who you really are and what it is you really want.

This means you have to take off the mask you've been hiding behind up until now.  The time has come when you can't pretend any longer to be someone you're not, trying to fit in and hide your differences.  You need to be you.

Because by being YOU, you allow all that is yours by divine right to easily flow to you.  You're in alignment at last.

By being honest about who you are, you naturally start doing things that you love, things that mean something to you, instead of what you think you should do.

And then the very things you truly want can find their way to you... because now you're in the right place, doing the right things - the things that are a perfect fit for you.

Your dog can teach you a lot about gratitude, watch how every little thing makes him happy.

Maybe for you that's showing your quirky side, it's admitting that your dog is your best friend and that you really don't like all the mindless gossip that goes on at work.

You start doing more and more things that you love, saying no to invitations you don't want to accept and spending time only with those who light you up and who you want to be with. 

Perhaps you start doing yoga, which you gave up because you used to spend all your time to do the 'right' things. 

Then you meet more people who are just like you... and suddenly wonderful opportunities come to you, that could never find you before because you were too busy pretending to be someone you're not.

You see how it works?

Be Do Have - My Favourite Way To Play....

If you find this extremely challenging - and you might - depending on how far down the rabbit hole you went of hiding who you are, then play with it.  Imagine and 'act as if'. 

When you wake up tomorrow morning say to yourself  ‘today I’m going to act as if I don't care what people think... I'm just gonna be me."

Make it a game.  Remember when you were a child, how you could imagine you were a jungle explorer in a tent with just a sheet over two chairs?

Or that the cat was really a tiger and you lived together in a tree-house that was actually just the windowsill (or was that just me?) ☺

Remember when the cat was really a tiger and you lived together in a tree-house that was actually just the windowsill? can still do that – you just haven’t practiced for a while!

As you go through your day, notice all the times you do or say things that don't align with who you really are - and decide what you would like to do or say instead.

After a while you'll start feeling more comfortable about doing it for real.  And the amazing thing is, most people will probably love you for it.  Because when you're being authentic, people know.  They just know.  And people respond to that.

Then, like me with my beautiful horse - pretend you can be do or have what you want... go and test drive the car, go to the property open days looking for the cottage of your dreams, plan the book you're going to write, research the animal welfare course you're going to take... 

Play with be, do, have until you start to actually be do and have all these things for real.

Be outrageous, be unreasonable – make it fun.  It might seem silly, but it works!

Make Magic...

Following the BE DO HAVE principle will allow anything to flow into your life that you desire.  But even more importantly, it will release you from the box you've tried to fit into for all these years. 

Be Do Have will set you free, because to have what it is that will truly fulfill you, you first have to be who you truly are. 

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