Your Financial Freedom Plan In Action

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So now you know how to create your financial freedom plan you need to put it into action - with ease!

That means not stressing worrying and getting busy just for the sake of getting busy.


  • relax and be open to opportunities that come your way
  •  get into action when they present themselves,
  • let go of attachment to the outcome, appreciate your life the way it is now.

Don't worry about those doubts that pop up... that's natural.  This idea that you need to believe that you can achieve your goals in order to do so, is just not true.  It's human nature to have doubts, just let them be there and move forward anyway. 

Let's face it, by their very nature goals are visions of a lifestyle that you're not yet living, so it's hard to be 100% confident they will manifest beforehand. 

Only act when you feel inspired to.  However, don’t expect the opportunities to look a certain way.  You’re going to have to ‘feel’ them more than logically understand them.  Confused yet?   OK, let me explain. 

Set Inspiring Goals

Free From Self Judgement

Your Relationship With Money

Once you have created your financial freedom plan it lives inside you.  All you need to do is get into action when you feel inspired by something, even if it doesn’t seem connected to any of your goals.

Things Are Not Always As They Seem...

Sometimes it may appear as though nothing is happening... opportunities come, but they aren't what you asked for.  They don't look like you thought they would, but, confusingly, they feel right somehow.

Trust the process! 

If you follow your gut instinct and get into action at those times, even when you can't explain why, you will find that miracles do occur!

Let’s say you have a goal of moving to a particular neighbourhood, but then the perfect house or apartment presents itself in a different part of town, and it arouses your curiosity.  Don’t discount it. 

For all you know, this new turn of events may either lead to something else which is in the area you want to live in, or you may find that the very reasons you want to live in the other neighbourhood are in fact present in this place, a place you hadn’t even thought of before!

That’s why uncovering the essence of what each goal is offering you is so important.  If the reason you want to move is to live in an area where you are closer to nature, and you do go and see the house that has presented itself, you may discover that in fact there are even more parks and a bigger forest right next to this house than you would have got if you moved to the area of your original choice. 

Or the agent at the viewing may tell you they have a new property about to come up in the very area you want.  Never expect opportunities to ‘look’ a particular way, just get into action when the they present themselves and things will start to move.

By doing this, you're allowing the universe to bring you what you're asking for the fastest, easiest and most fun way.  Act on impulses, get into action when inspired, taking baby steps as ideas present themselves.  You only need to see each step as it appears, not the entire journey. 

For example, you may want to finish some work you have.  But as you sit there at your desk, you increasingly get the impulse to just go outside and sit in the garden. 

Giving yourself time out brings better results faster...

This seems counter intuitive - but when you follow this urge, while sitting out in the spring sunshine an idea suddenly pops into your head which will make finishing your task so much easier. 

If you had pushed through, forcing yourself to finish your work first, you may never have had the insight because your mind would be too busy focusing on it's task.

When It's Going Wrong It's Perfect...

Lastly I briefly want to touch on when things seem to fall apart instead of get better. You create your financial freedom plan and then you seem to move further away from it rather than towards it. 

This is because everything that has stopped you achieving this goal before (thoughts and beliefs) will come up and bite you on you on your backside… be ready!  They just need to be heard, recognised and released… don’t buy into them!

There is no other 'work' to be done, just by recognising these signposts for what they are and releasing the power of them, you can leave them behind.  These fears and beliefs are not real... so just thank them for trying to keep you safe and let them go.

Do It Your Way...

Be intuitive with it, in other words, if something doesn’t work for you, but another way does… then do that.

This is not a magic formula.  The essence of this is to connect with what it is that you feel will enhance your life right now, make you feel joyful, content or even secure. Once you get in touch with that, you will start to manifest other ways of this appearing in your life too.

You also leave the way clear for the universe to send you the most perfect ways to reach your goals and visions without stress and force.  When you are trying to control things by thinking you know how to make them happen, you miss out on the miracles available to you.

Your only job is to be clear and authentic about what you want... then to wait for inspiration and follow hunches, turn over stones and grab opportunities when they turn up.

If you do this you will be amazed at how your financial freedom plan becomes reality faster than you can possibly imagine and in ways you never thought of.

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