Free Spirit's Money Plan

A money plan is like visualization on paper.

Using a money plan is a pretty simple way of getting clear how you want your life to look, from another angle - how you spend your money.

Because if you're a free spirit, it can the difficult to get yourself to set plans of any kind - especially around money.  So it needs to be fun... and that's why I love this money plan. 

In fact, I've found it to be a pretty amazing way to make magic happen, simply by having a much clearer idea of exactly how much money I really need to live a life I love.

And when you focus on what you want to do with the money rather than the money itself... it's amazing what happens.

Energy flows where attention goes

- Hawaiian Huna Principle -

So now you can do just that, and by the way, it's fun too… and it’s always good to be having as much fun as possible in life… even when it comes to money!  Download your plan here.

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What Is A  Money Plan?

Really, it’s a spending plan based on your ideal financial circumstances.  A visualization of financial abundance on paper if you like.

You see, the secret to manifesting anything, whether it’s a new lounge suite or financial freedom, is getting clear on where you want to end up.

In other words, beginning with the end in mind.

And that’s exactly what this free spirit's money plan does.

Basically it entails setting a kind of fantasy budget where you enter the items and the corresponding amounts that reflect your life and finances as you'd like them to be, as opposed to how they are right now. 

But let me be clear.  I know that some of you will say ‘cool!  I want a budget where I don’t have to pay for anything…  so I’ll just put $0 next to every item and manifest that…’

Uhh… No. 

Putting $0 into your money plan for everything is actually coming from a place of lack.  It’s like saying that I want this stuff, but I don’t want to (or can’t afford to) pay for it.  What message is that sending out?  'I don’t have enough….'

Coming from a place of abundance you have as much money as you need – so it really doesn’t matter how much you’re paying out.

Make sense?

Have Fun Creating A Lifestyle You Love

If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong.

- Groucho Marx -

The correct way to use your plan is to have some fun, decide what you want to have, find out how much that would cost (if you don’t already know) and enter each as a budget item with the associated cost. 

 Build your ideal life... don't skimp, but do choose things that you really want.

The end result?  You have a much clearer idea of how much money you need to have to live the lifestyle you want.

For example, let’s say your ideal future includes an adventure to some exotic location at least once a year with your family.  To really do it the way you want to, you work out you need about $24000, so you divide that by 12, and in your money plan you enter the item – Vacation Account and the amount of $2000 per month – assuming you have 12 months to go before your next trip. 

Next you decide you also want to start your own business instead of working your corporate job for another 20 years..  You do the math and it works out you need to save $2000 per month for the next year to get started.  Add that in too. 

Pay the credit card off in 3 months?  Put it in.

Once you complete this, you’ll have a money plan that reflects the lifestyle you want to live, which includes becoming debt free fast, and you’ll also know how much money you need to achieve it.

The Difference Between Now And Then

To make your money plan even more effective, you can also have a column for your current expenses, as they stand right now.  This will show you the difference between where you’re at right now as far as money requirements are concerned and where you want to be. 

Sometimes this is quite surprising – you may not be as far away as you thought.  It also gives you something to shoot for, as far as how much more you need to earn in order to reach the goals set out in your plan.

I have found this to be a wonderful way to get clear on what I really want vs what I think I want, and how much further I need to go to get there.  Once you set it down on paper it all comes to life.

And that’s where the magic I mentioned above happens.  Somehow, by writing it all down you get really clear on it and that's the first step  to making it reality. 

It may not seem like magic, but your mind starts to find ways to make it become real.  For instance...

...Using the example of paying off your credit card in 3 months, once you're clear on how much you need to pay each month to do that, you may realise that with a couple of tweaks here and there, you can actually fit it in to your current monthly budget - after all – its only for 3 months right?

So you tighten your belt in some areas for a couple of months, and bingo!  You’ve just hit a goal and your credit card debt is gone.

What Are The Benefits Of A Money Plan?

Like everything, this may work better for some than others - we all respond to things differently.  But if this looks like something that would be a fun and productive thing to do for you… go for it and see how it works. 

5 Benefits Of Using The Free Spirit's Money Plan

  • It will give you a good understanding of where you need to be financially to manifest what you want in your life, allowing you to live a life you love
  • It's a simple way to see the difference between where you are now and where you want to be - and it might be a lot less than you think.
  • You'll get clarity on what is important to you regarding where you spend your money and help you build a vision of your ideal life
  • Being crystal clear on what you want and seeing it written down has proven to be the most effective way of manifesting
  •  It’s fun and it works!

You can download my free spirit's money plan sheet, or devise your own.  But either way it’s a great way to play with your idea of your ideal life - and you may be surprised at the results it brings...

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