Listen To Your Soul Calling - It Will Save Your Life

Everyone has a soul calling - a unique path that only they can bring to life.  Some people are lucky enough to hear the call, but some aren't.  And some never even listen.

The big misconception though, is that it's something you have to do... some big mission.  But really your soul calling is only following your heart, aligning with your unique path, one that can lead to many different expressions of who you are.

This is the story of Rhiannon.  She is one of the success stories - a free spirit who recognised she'd taken the wrong path and found her way back to her perfect self-expression and lifestyle.  Her unique soul calling,

When she was younger, Rhiannon was your typical free spirit who just wanted to enjoy life.  She wasn’t looking for her soul calling, or even a career - just a job that was fun and would pay the bills and fund her active lifestyle. 

If she got bored, she reinvented herself and found a new job and carried on regardless.  Even though she was a free spirit she didn’t really want to travel, she wanted to experience life to the full right where she was, surrounded by her family.  Her ideal life was variety at work, an active life - horse riding and water skiing or doing agility with her dog and out with friends every night.

Then she met up with a guy, and before long his job moved him to another city.   So she went with him.  She found work, started to make new friends and tried to carry on as before – doing short term work that allowed her to experience the variety she craved. 

Be Free Spirited & Thrive

Impermanence Is Freedom

Finding Happiness

But gradually she was getting the message that she should try to fit in, find a ‘good’ job (instead of flitting about the place temping) and stick at it no matter what.  So she did.  And gradually she let other things go as well because she had less and less time to do what she wanted.

One day she woke up and wondered – what is this?  This isn’t my life!  Her free spirit was screaming to be let loose again.  Her life was no fun any more.  So she decided to change it. 

She’d recently started yoga and just loved it.  And after one particularly powerful session she had a flash of inspiration… “I’m going to be a yoga teacher!”. 

It felt like her soul calling her back to life...

So, full of enthusiasm, she rushed home and told her partner.  He was dead against the idea.  It wasn’t steady enough and he wanted no part of it.  If she wanted to do that, he said, she was on her own.

And so her dream – not just of teaching yoga, but of reconnecting with her free spirit – was crushed.  She locked it away and carried on. 

But she had begun to hate her life.  She felt like she just worked all the time, slept a bit and then worked some more. 

Her effervescent nature was being stifled, but she covered that up as best she could.  She just didn’t fit into the whole corporate thing, she wanted more freedom of expression… but she felt trapped and stuck. 

She had the constant thought running through her head … is this it?!  For the first time she began to think – maybe this IS it… maybe I was just lucky before and this is what I will be expected to do for the rest of my life.  That thought depressed the hell out of her.

Thankfully she continued to practise yoga, and through that she learned to listen within more, to hear her inner guidance, and got more and more in touch with what it was she really wanted from life.  And eventually her soul calling got louder and everything else become less important - so she broke free… 

She moved back to her beloved home town, met an awesome guy (another free spirit), who said to her – follow your dreams, do what your heart is calling you to do and so she did. 

She did her yoga teacher certification and started teaching.  She loved it!  She’d found her soul calling… 

But there was something more...

But as with many free spirits, that was just one expression out of many to choose from.  You see, a soul calling isn't necessarily just a single experience.  Often we have many ways of expressing our gifts.  So, after a few years Rhiannon realised she loved what she did, but there was something more she wanted to do.

This time it was different.  She was so much more connected to who she really was, what was important to her – so she knew exactly what it was she wanted to do… to work with intellectually disabled people. 

And that’s what she does now.  It’s a perfect match for her wonderful spirit.  Fun and bubbly, she brings much needed lighthearted energy to the people she supports. 

She uses her boundless energy up by being constantly on the go, visiting her clients, taking them on outings and chatting to everyone she spends time with. And her unbelievable talent for keeping things organised is used to manage everything from their wardrobes to their daily routines. 

She’s living in her element and has more than enough time to spend with her husband, dogs and a bird she rescued (which thinks it’s a dog!). 

I’m lucky enough to know Rhiannon personally – having met her right at the time when she felt most stuck, and I’ve been honored enough to provide some support as she moved forward in her quest for a life that she adores. 

And it all started when she listened to her soul calling her to become a yoga teacher.

When I asked her to share one thing that she has learned through all this, she said:

Looking back on this journey it was more than deciding to do yoga teacher training, it was about knowing that with that one small feeling I believe my whole world opened up to more joy & love than I could have thought possible.

In Rhiannon’s journey you can clearly identify the 5 steps to reclaiming your free spirit and finding your perfect self-expression.  Some of them came naturally to her, others she needed guidance with, but they all took her step by step from where she was to where she is now – and beyond.

Understand your true nature. 
During her years in the corporate world, she realised that she couldn’t live like the people who surrounded her. 

She wasn’t cut out for 9-5 with no end in sight, she didn’t like selling things that didn’t really help anyone except make money for the company she worked for and she hated the office politics.

She needed to be more people focused instead of numbers focused… she wanted to live surrounded by her family and she wanted variety and physical activity in her day, and she wanted to help other people… She began to understand her true nature and felt trapped where she was.  She didn't know anything about her soul calling, but she knew there other things she wanted to do.

Embrace who you truly are.
At first this was difficult, surrounded by people determined to make her ‘fit in’.  But gradually she started to realise that what she had been seeing as weaknesses, were, when looked at from a different perspective, actually her strengths.  She began to believe in herself more, and realised that she wasn’t ‘wrong’, just that the situation she’d ended up in wasn’t a fit for her.

Find the courage to move forward to your perfect self-expression.
Rhiannon did this in stages – starting with deciding to go back to her home town, then choosing to follow her dream of being a yoga teacher… Gradually she blossomed into her full self-expression and realised her ultimate dream (for now) – of working with people with intellectual disabilities.

Living in the flow – the universe has your back.
Once she let go and started in small, tiny baby steps to move towards her dream, her perfect self-expression, she found that things happened to support her along the way.

She met a fabulous man, who supported her dreams of being a yoga teacher.

Then she found a teaching yoga studio that was perfect for her – everyone was very friendly and supportive and she could walk to it from home.  

A friend offered her a part time job in an industry she knew well, so she could work around her yoga training.

Her husband started earning more money, which made things easier. 

Just little things, but they all conspired to make her dream possible, and they all seemed to ‘just happen’ without her trying.  Then, when she decided to make a change to her new vocation, the universe again provided her with what she needed to make the transition.

Connect With Your Hidden Brilliance.
She uncovered her natural ability to connect with people in a fun and down to earth way, which made her yoga classes sought after.  The very nature she’d had to hide during her corporate years is what makes her fantastic at her job now – the people she works with need someone who is capable and straight talking, whilst being a lot of fun and slightly irreverent, to bring a brightness to their day and order to their lives.

Rhiannon used to think her strengths were her weaknesses.  Now she knows they are her super powers that make her one of the best at what she does.

Oh, and she’s one of the happiest people I know too!

I love Rhiannon's story because it's not about achieving some big ideal, or climbing massive mountains, it's simply about a human being finding what she really wanted from life. Which is the essence of unleashing your free spirit and living life your way.

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