The Law of Receiving
 - 6 Reasons To Start Receiving Gracefully -

Open hand receiving the gift of a wild bird sitting in it without fear

Imagine you’re having a wonderful dream – someone is offering you a beautiful gift and your heart is bursting with gratitude and joy. 

But just as you’re about to reach out and receive it, someone else intervenes saying – You can’t possibly accept that!  It’s far too valuable.   And if you do – what do you have to give in return?  So, you sadly but hastily refuse it, feeling slightly guilty that you wanted to accept it in the first place.

But this isn’t a dream.  You do it every day.  We all do. We’re constantly rebuffing offers that are given in love.

There’s this idea that we should be standing on our own two feet, that we shouldn’t trouble other people for their help and, even if they offer it without our asking, it’s polite and proper to refuse.

What a crock!!  

And what a great way to block what you want to have in your life.

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Everything In This Universe Is Flow.  

When you block the flow of receiving, the energy gets stuck.  It can’t move through you and nothing else can get in either. Accepting gifts from others with joy opens the channels for more of what we want to come into our lives.

Often, when we ask for things we expect them to come a certain way – or at least, we expect it to come from something that we’ve done. So when someone else offers it to us, without any effort on our part – we feel obliged to refuse.

Think about it – how many times have you knocked back offers of help or assistance that you felt guilty about accepting for some bizarre reason.

Oh, but I hardly know them – why would they do this or that? There must be a catch.  

Or, I can’t possibly let them give it to me, I’ll work harder and get it on my own.

But what if, just what if the Universe heard your call and sent you what you wanted in the easiest and fastest way possible?  But you turn it down – I can’t accept, it's too much you say – and the Universe replies (in its own unique way) OK – no worries, I'll make a note of that...

Then you wonder why all these wonderful things you see other people with don’t turn up in your life?  I mean, you’re just as deserving, right?  You work just as hard, you’re a good person and you help other people – why don’t you get those things in your life?

Allowing Yourself To Receive Opens You Up To Receive More.

The answer is in how open are you to receiving.  Everyone thinks they receive, but very few people do so with an open heart.  I’ve struggled with this myself.  I have always been proud of being so independent.  And being independent is fine as long as you don’t take it too far.

I have though, in many situations. What about you?

We’re all great at giving.  Look at me – I'm a kind person – I love giving to people.

But when someone offers to give you something how do you feel? Sometimes it feels OK to start off with – so and so is going to help me do this or have that. But then, as the receiving starts, the discomfort begins too.  

You feel ‘bad’, almost guilty at ‘taking’ whatever it is – because that’s how we see it – taking.  When in fact it’s accepting, and allowing someone else to give to us. But instead, you feel unworthy of receiving it, unless you can give back something of equal or greater value.

Well, it's time to stop all that. 

Here are 6 reasons you need to start allowing yourself to receive:

1. Receiving What Others Offer Is Actually Giving To Them Too.

Imagine you have a friend who’s always so independent.  Then something happens where you can offer to help them by driving them to the hospital an hour away, or looking after their pets while they take a last-minute trip somewhere, or cooking some meals for them when they’re not feeling well.  

But they refuse – saying they couldn’t possibly allow you to do that.  How does that make you feel?  Like the beautiful present you’ve given them, all wrapped with a pretty bow, was just thrown back in your face.

You know they don’t mean it in a nasty way – but it is kind of sad.  You feel depleted.

Now imagine the opposite.  They look at you with a big smile and say Oh, how wonderful – you’re sure?  And when you tell them you are – they tell you how grateful and happy this has made them and how much it will help them…  

Now how do you feel?  It’s almost like they have given you the gift instead of the other way around.

2. Allowing Yourself To Receive Raises Your Vibration And Aligns You With Your True Path

Receiving has an energy that uplifts both the giver and the receiver.  A friend of mine always says "accept gracefully when someone offers more than you expected to receive”.  And she’s right.  

When you accept gifts given out of caring, you are accepting more than whatever is being offered.  You’re saying yes to the universe, and yes to your divine path.  No man (or woman) is an island is the saying.  Allowing yourself to receive connects you to others in the dance of giving & receiving, ebb and flow, yin and yang.

This way the Universe can send you everything you need to walk the path you came to walk in a simple and elegant way.  But if you insist that everything needs to come from you, you’re out of alignment, blocking energy and not on your true path. 

3. Receiving Turns Bad Days To Joyful Days

We all have those days where we aren’t feeling our best – we wake up just feeling down in the dumps in some way.  The LAST thing you want is to talk to other people, so you closet yourself away as much as possible.  

You don’t make eye contact, you pretend you’re really, really busy at work and haven’t got time for a chat.  But then someone corners you – you can’t get away.  And you enter into a conversation with them.  

If you’re anything like me when that happens, you ALWAYS walk away feeling better.  And it doesn’t have to be someone you know, it can be the barista that made your coffee, a small joke with the cashier at the supermarket checkout, or someone smiling at you as you walk down the street. 

Receiving is simply allowing other people to contribute to you in whatever big or small way they feel called to.

4. Receiving Is Healing.  

We’ve all heard stories of the grumpy old man who won’t have anything to do with other people. But the small girl who has no judgement and just talks to him anyway steals his heart and opens his ability to receive again.  You see it in movies – but it happens in real life too.

It happened to me. 

When I was much younger I started a new job and there was a woman who was notoriously difficult and actually quite nasty sometimes.  As luck had it, I shared an office with her. 

Without really thinking about it I felt called to chat to her and ignore her snarky comments.  My rebellious nature meant that I just didn’t give up, and one day she just gave up her nastiness and opened up about a lot of pain in her life.  

What happened next was an amazing transformation.  

She started to care about herself more, she went on a diet, lost a huge amount of weight and she completely changed into this funny, happy human being!  

Her ability to finally open up to receiving my friendship changed her life

I didn't make this happen – I was just the person the Universe sent to her.  I was young and didn’t even realise what I was doing.  But I also gained SO much from that friendship.  I learned in a very personal way, not to judge a book by its cover.

Receiving is magic.  And too many of us block it from our lives.

5. Receiving Gracefully Allows More Of What You Want Into Your Life

I have always been extremely independent.  And that will never change.  But what I am working on right now is being able to receive from others and realize that it doesn't diminish my independence, or make me a ‘taker’, or even indebted because I can’t repay the favor.  

It just means that I’m allowing the Universe to send me what I need in that moment.

Receiving is actually far more than just accepting a favour or a gift.  It allows the flow of energy through the Universe.  

Every time you receive you give as well, and every time you give you also receive.  

And by allowing the energy to circulate, it brings you whatever you need.  Then you pass it on by giving to others what they need that you’re able to give.

So, next time you need something, don’t judge where or who the offer of help comes from.  It may be not at all what you expected.  The more you let into your life, the more willingly you accept the gifts you receive, the more you will find comes your way.   And the more you have, the more you can give to others.

This beautiful planet we live on is one big giving and receiving energy ball - we don't only receive from people, the whole universe is set up this way.

And when you hold yourself apart from that, you're not allowing the flow of Universal energy to move through you.  This is what blocks you from receiving more.

6. Receiving Gives Back Tenfold

They say that when you give with an open heart, you'll receive back tenfold.  The same can be said for receiving.

I have many beautiful friends around the world.  But one such special person helped me so much over a time when I was struggling financially.   At first I felt so ‘bad’ receiving so much from her (it wasn't only money, but invites to concerts, special dinners with the family and things like that)

One day I told her that I was so grateful, but also concerned because I didn’t know how would I ever repay her kindness. She then told me something that I had never understood before.  

A long time ago (we’ve been friends since school), when she was deeply sad about something, I took the time to be with her, to invite her to my house every weekend and just hang out with her.  She’s never forgotten it. 

But I had never seen it as something special that I did, because to me, I was just doing what you do for friends, what I felt called to do. I’d gained out of the situation immensely too – because I had her all to myself for a while. But in her eyes this was a wonderful gift from me. 

Now, imagine if she had refused, not wanting to get in my way, and said – ‘no, don’t worry about me, I’ll be OK, I’m really bad company now anyway’ or some such silly excuse.  

I would have missed that special time with my dear friend, and she would have been alone in her sadness.  That would have meant that both of us would have been a little bit worse off.  

Years later, in my hour of need – there she was.  And she was able to offer what I needed at the time, which seemed way in excess of what I'd ever done for her, but I was finally able to accept it gracefully.

There is another angle to this though.  Often you don't receive from the person you gave to.  

It's a beautiful dance of giving and receiving energy, receiving what you need, and giving in turn to someone else. It's living in the flow.

So, next time you find yourself refusing to accept someone’s gift of time or assistance or whatever you need - stop!  Then accept it with a happy heart, opening the channels to receiving what you need and want from life – and passing it on when you get the opportunity.

Receiving starts with reconnecting to who you came here to be.  If that idea interests you, for a limited time I'm giving away Part 1 of my course The Free Spirit's Way.  Subscribe below and download your copy today:

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