Release Your Money Blocks

Do you have money blocks?  Many people think they do.  In fact they're big business... or getting rid of them is anyway.

Usually you come to this conclusion because of something like  - I'm always on a low income.  I try to find a way to make more, but I just can't.  I must have a block around earning more money.

Or maybe – I never seem to have enough money, even though I don’t earn bad money, it always seems to be that I’m scratching around to make all my payments and then it starts all over again next month.  I’ve got a block around managing my money properly.

Or you might say – I never seem to earn enough money from my business.  Whatever I do, it just doesn’t seem to work as well as others that I see out there.  I have a block about increasing my income.

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Of course, it can also be something not even related to money…

It could be a block about being able to change careers, being able to train your dog to behave himself at the dog park.  Maybe even a block around learning new information.

Whatever it is – I’m going to tell you that getting rid of money blocks or or any other kind,  is as simple as – choosing not to have them.

Yes… I can hear you shouting and stamping your feet right now.  Defending your blocks as real and debilitating.  Which they are – in your mind.

Money Blocks Only Exist In Your Mind...

Blocks only exist in your thinking mind when you’re STUCK there.  And usually you get stuck there when you're not listening to your heart... you're trying to control everything and you've disconnected from your deepest calling.

And this brings up fear and uncertainty.  It may be fear caused by being taken out of your comfort zone, or not consciously knowing what to do.

But just imagine for a moment, if you didn’t have that money block – what would you do then?    Would you enroll in a short course about money management, enlist the help of a career coach to find that higher paying job? 

Or maybe you'd stop stressing and get out of your head, which would allow you to be more relaxed, and able to listen more closely to ideas that pop into your head.

But it can be even simpler than that.  What if you STOPPED saying to yourself that you have a block about this or that, and just pretended for a while that you didn’t, that actually you are great at managing your money, but you’ve just been a bit lazy about actually doing it?

The Answer Is Simple...

Things are far more simple than we choose to believe.  We think we have to do all sorts of things to get rid of the block, that we have to work hard at it.  We have to do another course, buy lots more books, or get on more online training courses.  

Certainly if you need some knowledge about HOW to manage your money that would be great, but you don’t need to do it to find out how to get rid of blocks.

When you follow your heart – you move out of your mind.  And you come from a different place, your consciousness, where things just flow.

You get into the vibration of having enough, of there always being enough, and when you do that, you're actively bringing towards you more of the same.

For example, I’ve lived at times in my life on relatively little money.  Instead of getting all het up about it and wailing about my misfortune and how I must have a block around making money, I simply did the age old exercise of balancing what was coming in, with what was going out. 

Yes, that's all.  I set up a budget so I knew I would have enough to pay what I needed to, then I let go.  

I got out of my head about it.  I didn’t agonise over every cent I spent.  I went with my gut feeling.  If I really felt that I wanted to buy something, I did.  And the money always worked out.  Because I was in sync with the Universal flow.  

Obviously at that point I didn’t go out and try to buy a brand new car with cash I didn’t have (although if my belief had been such, I probably could have).  But I did have dinners out with friends that I hadn’t budgeted for, bought a new pair of jeans I fell in love with, that weren’t in the budget. 

And it always worked out because the money appeared from somewhere.  It always does. 

The more I did this, I kind of got into the groove of it, my messages were clearer and I trusted my inner guidance more and more.   I ended up being able to do all sorts of things that I would never have believed possible, a trip to the UK to see family, buying a newer car, leasing a beautiful horse.  And the money flowed as I needed it.

And of course, in the long run, my money situation improved dramatically.

You see, the truth is, the only money block you have, is that you think you have a money block. 

Get Out Of Your Head

The answer?  Get out of your head and into your heart.  Listen to your inner guidance and balance that with common sense.  It’s a delicate balance, and the only way you’ll get to ‘feel’ how that is, is by letting go a little and allowing more freedom and lightness into your life.

Getting rid of blocks isn’t necessary because actually they are just a figment of your imagination.  So instead, why don’t you use that powerful tool to imagine that you’re a master, that money (or knowledge or whatever you think you’re blocked around) just flows to you as you need it. 

You’ll be amazed at what small (and big) miracles occur when you do that.  And when they do, let me know in the comments below… I’d love to hear about them.

If you want to follow in my footsteps - from living in survival, to living life my way and thriving, sign up below and download the first part of my brand new course absolutely free.  You'll learn the first step to reconnecting to who you really are and thriving just by being you:

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